COVID-19 Update | Inspired Closets Hawaii

As our community navigates the COVID-19 situation we, as business owners, take our role very seriously. It’s important to provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees and clients. You have trusted us with your business and we take this responsibility very seriously. Here are the steps we are taking…

Being Proactive:
1. The Inspired Closets team is healthy.
2. All work areas and common touch points within our business are sanitized on a regular basis.
3. Employees are rigorously washing their hands multiple times throughout the day.
4. Employees also have access to hand sanitizer and are encouraged to use it between hand washings.
5. Every morning at 6:30am all touchpoints within our company vehicles are disinfected.
6. At 7:00am the installers will disinfect their tools before leaving for your home.
7. Employees with a fever or persistent cough are required to stay home until cleared by a doctor.
8. Employees traveling out of state are required to stay home for 14 days before returning to work.

1-2 Days Prior to Your Installation:
1. Your designer will call you to confirm your installation team is healthy and ready to build.
2. This is a good time to answer any questions you might have.
3. We’ll also ask the following questions for our team’s wellbeing. Has anyone in your house…
a. …traveled outside Hawaii in the last 14 days?
b. …been exposed to anyone with Covid-19 in the last 30 days?

Installation Day:
1. We want to go the extra mile to keep your family safe and to protect our community.
2. Upon arrival, the installers will provide a warm smile but will refrain from a handshake.
3. Before starting, your installers will ask to wash their hands as an added precaution.
4. The installers will use their own paper towels to dry their hands while in your home.
5. The installers will try to maintain a comfortable distance from you and your ohana.
6. When the installation is complete our installers will disinfect everything we’ve built.

Please understand it may be necessary to reschedule installations if installers are unable to work or if we need to close our business temporarily. We are doing all we can to prevent this but please know it would be for your own health and safety which we take very seriously. Our install calendar is fully booked 6-8 weeks in advance so if rescheduling becomes necessary, please be patient with us.

As events evolve daily in our local community it may be necessary to update these guidelines. Our desire to help you live an organized, healthy life remains steadfast. Thank you for your continued support of our business and community. If you have any questions, please contact your designer or Kamuela and me directly.

Brent & Kamuela Potter – Owners
Inspired Closets Hawaii