Natural wood brown walk-in closet with lighting
Water toy custom garage storage from Inspired Closets
Custom white pantry with drawers and lots of shelves
Charcoal home office with library shelving
Garage entryway with shoe storage and large drawers


Welcome to the Inspired Closets Learning Center! A library of resources designed to help you learn about custom home organization solutions, you’ll find articles and ideas that will inspire you to transform every area of your home. And while we specialize in creating custom reach-in, walk-in, and boutique closets, we are masters at helping you calm the chaos that seems to constantly take over the other areas of your home.

We’ll help you say goodbye to a garage that looks more like an obstacle course than a place to park your cars and pursue your hobbies. We’ll show you how to dismantle the mountain of shoes in your entryway by creating a place for everything and everything in its place. And we’ll work together to tackle your pantry to make finding the ingredients the easiest part of any busy day.

So, grab a cup of coffee and take a look around. We are delighted to help you learn more about custom home organization as you prepare for your next home improvement project.


The Ultimate Guide to Custom Closets

When it comes to home improvement and home organization, the word “custom” can mean so many things. At Inspired Closets, custom means designed for a particular customer – you. We create custom closets and custom storage and organization solutions that are designed to meet your individual needs and how you live and function in your home. Nothing we do is ever “cookie-cutter”.

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Your Must-Have Resource for Garage Storage

Your garage is often the first thing you see when you arrive home after a long day. With Inspired Closets custom garage storage solutions, you’ll feel inspired every time you pass through your garage door. Throughout the years, we’ve discovered that the key to creating a garage storage system a client truly loves is customization.

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