COVID-19 Update

As our community navigates the COVID-19 outbreak, we share your concerns and stand with you in our efforts to provide a safe environment in our office and your homes. We are closely monitoring the situation, following daily updates for the latest mandates and protocols for our hometown and state. We are also following the advice and guidance of both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

We are committed to continuing to deliver outstanding service, keeping our showroom open while providing in-home consultations and installations. Here are the steps we are taking to enable us to continue to do business with you in these unusual times:

Our Team
The Inspired Closets team is healthy. Team members are reminded daily to assess their health, looking for key symptoms of COVID-19. If anyone feels unwell, they are required to stay home. We are committed to providing extra resources to our employees in the event they become sick and have to miss work due to the Coronavirus. We have also implemented heightened hand-washing procedures for both the showroom and warehouse.

Our Showroom
We welcome your visit to our showroom which remains open during our regular showroom hours. When you arrive, we will greet you with a smile but will refrain from shaking your hand. We will offer the opportunity to wash your hands before your visit begins. We have increased our showroom sanitization procedures including wiping down all hard surfaces with additional detail being given to door handles, tables, armchairs, counters, phones, keyboards, light switches, and bathrooms in both our showroom and warehouse. The same sanitization process has been implemented for our fleet of Inspired Closets vans with a focus on door handles, dashboards, steering wheels, buttons, levers, and any hard surfaces. This process also includes the tools and equipment handled by each team.

Your Home
When you make your appointment, we will ask some basic health questions to ensure our mutual safety and wellbeing while we work together. Before our visit, we will call to confirm that all is well. When we arrive, we will call you so that you can meet us at your door and let us inside. We will ask to wash our hands before beginning the appointment. We will refrain from a handshake but will be ready with a warm smile and will do everything we can to make your appointment as inspiring as can be. If our visit is for an installation, we commit to the same attention to our mutual health shared above. Additionally, our installation team will arrive in a sanitized van with sanitized equipment.

We are also happy to provide virtual consultation services by request.

These may be uncertain times but our desire to help you live an organized, healthy life remains steadfast. Thank you for your continued support of our business and community – we look forward to working with you soon!