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The Ultimate Guide to Custom Closets

When it comes to home improvement and home organization, the word “custom” can mean so many things. At Inspired Closets, custom means designed for a particular customer – you. We create custom closets and custom storage and organization solutions that are designed to meet your individual needs and how you live and function in your home. Nothing we do is ever “cookie-cutter”.

According to clients, our version of custom can feel pretty life-changing. That’s what happens when we listen to your needs and wants, assess your current closet space, and blend your current closet reality with our many years of experience designing custom closet systems. We know we’ve succeeded when you feel that little shriek of excitement or a relaxing exhale every time you open the door to the custom closet space that was designed uniquely for you. We call that the “I love my closet” feeling and it’s what motivates us to do what we do.

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What is a custom closet and why get one?

Our promise to you is a custom closet experience from beginning to end that leaves you feeling inspired. Custom means uniquely you, and for us, it’s not about creating a new space, but rather creating a uniquely you custom closet space that you’ll absolutely love. A custom closet that you’ll love for years to come. A closet system you’ll want to tell your best friend about. A custom closet you’ll want to show your sister over FaceTime, if necessary.

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What is a custom closet and why get one?
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What to Look For in a Walk-In Closet Island

On the seemingly endless quest to tame the chaos in your closet, there are so many storage solutions along the way that it can be hard to know which ones will truly improve your space. At Inspired Closets, we have a favorite, high-quality option for walk-in closets: closet islands. Islands are not only a beautiful focal point for any closet, but they’re also a practical and accessible storage solution that adds value to your home.

Walk-in Closet Sizing: How to Know How Much Space You Need

Whether you’ve been collecting walk-in closet designs on Pinterest for a while or the baskets, totes, and other quick-fix closet storage solutions you’ve tried just aren’t cutting it, Inspired Closets is here to get you started on your walk-in closet creation journey. There’s a lot that goes into creating and building a walk-in closet you love, like determining if you have enough room in your home (and budget) to accommodate the walk-in closet size you need, planning out the right design, and finding someone to actually build and install it.

Everything You Need to Know to Upgrade Your Closet Lighting

In the quest for complete closet bliss, there are many different organizational approaches and methods you can try. From rolling shirts to replacing hangers, there is no shortage of advice on how to optimize the space you have for easy access to the things you love. But across the many tips, tricks, and hacks, there’s one solution that can help improve, organize, and optimize any closet: upgrading your closet lighting.

How To Organize Purses in Your Closet

They say purses are like friends… you can never have too many. From clutches and crossbodies to backpacks, bucket bags, and totes, nothing haunts us more than the purse we didn’t get, except maybe how to organize purses in our closet and the mess of purses crammed onto the shelf in our closet. While purses top the list of most useful accessories, purse storage and understanding how to organize purses in a closet seems to elude us. But like a tried-and-true best friend, our purse is there when we need it–that is, when we can find it. If organizing handbags in a closet has you frustrated, we can help.

Top Tips to Maximize Closet Space

It’s no secret—the holidays are a celebratory time that can leave us with excess. From presents to decorations, you’re not alone if you find yourself with an overabundance of things post-holiday and a sudden urge to purge in an effort to maximize closet space and get organized for the new year.

8 Tips That Make for Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining

The holiday season is here and with it comes a to-do list a mile long, it seems. From events and holiday entertaining to online shopping and mall hopping, it’s easy to feel stress creep into what might otherwise be a calm, quiet month. When it comes to holiday party entertaining, the key to making it happen with a joyful heart is focus. Your time is limited so spend it prepping the spaces you expect to use the most.

What You Need to Know About Remodeling Closets

“Square peg in a round hole” is often how homeowners describe the relationship between their clothes and their closet. A mismatch that leads to frustration. If a closet renovation is what you want, but you’re not sure where to start and slightly afraid of making a closet remodel mistake that you’ll live with for years, we get it. Like anything in life, knowledge is power, and knowing a bit more about how to get the closet redesign you want will help you confidently take that all-important first step. Below are three of the most important factors to consider when remodeling your closet.

How To Take Advantage of Your Closet Window

Being in the custom closet business means we’re in a lot of homes, and after thousands of in-home consultations there is one thing we know for sure – no two walk-in closets are the same. From simple rectangles to L-shaped closets and angled ceilings to windows and electrical panels, we’re always curious and excited to see what’s behind the closet door. If your closet is like many we see, it just might be a walk-in closet with a window and that window has you perplexed. Removing it or covering it up means losing all the natural light you love and a construction project, the thought of which you don’t love. And keeping it leaves you with a question – What do I do with a closet window?

Top Things to Consider Before Building Your Own Custom Closet

With the many phases and thousands of decisions you make when building a new home or completing a home remodel, it’s not surprising that little attention is given to your closet design and what goes into your closet. After so much focus and effort in other areas of the home, decision fatigue and budget realities set in, and it’s easy to see how your custom closet plans end up on the editing room floor, so to speak – and you opt instead for cookie-cutter, wire closet organization systems or a simple rod and shelf. Poor design, or no design, this results in this seemingly basic area of the home becoming an everyday source of clutter and disorder – ultimately leading to stress and anxiety.

Tips for Adding More Functionality to Your Home

A house is not a home without the laughter, love, and memories that a family brings inside. Transformed one busy day at a time, your home is a mirror of the life you are building, every room a chapter in a story that only your family can tell. That’s why it’s so important that each space has a clear and specific purpose, making it easy to maximize every square foot of living space to make home your favorite place to be. Yet, nearly every family struggles with rooms that are a jack-of-all-trades, which offer temporary solutions for unexpected needs, or becoming melting pots of activity that unfolds no matter what the plan. And before you know it, that spare bedroom, bonus room, or extra garage space is less than organized, yet just waiting to be used, but you can’t seem to find the right spare room ideas to make a change.

4 Tips for Mastering Men's Closet Organization

If you share closet space with your significant other and find yourself constantly picking up and reorganizing—only to find more items living outside of the closet than properly put away—you’re not alone. As you look around, even your store-bought bins aren’t quite working. Belts are hanging off hangers, piles of clothes are draped over furniture and neckties are being hung on doorknobs. It’s challenging trying to mix different storage solutions that actually work (and look nice). No matter what you do, the hanging racks, folding baskets, and mismatched hooks aren’t quite cutting it. Not to mention you can never seem to find what you need quickly. It just seems you both organize differently. Studies have shown women often associate home tidiness with family success, while men view their possessions as a source of pleasure. The reality is that clutter generally affects men and women differently. Here are a few solutions to help develop a game plan on how you can make your shared space something special.

4 Ways to Conquer Your Cluttered Living Room

It’s time to recognize the modern living room as the “heart of the home.” A dynamic space that supports daily waves of all kinds of activity, it’s easy to see why open concept floor plans are in such high demand. By replacing boxy floorplans with expansive grand spaces, key living space comes from blending the living room, kitchen, entryway, and dining room. And because your family’s traffic patterns pass through this “great room” from nearly every pathway possible, it’s the epicenter of activity, and can also become your ground zero for clutter. Despite your best efforts to declutter living room items, refold blankets, reshelve books, pick up video game controllers and locate lost remotes, it’s a struggle to maintain order in your family’s favorite living space and it quickly becomes a hotspot for disorganization.

Creative Kids Toy Storage for Your Home

It’s been said that home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong, and laughter never ends. It’s also been said that it’s the place where toys become mountains and busy moms can feel overrun. And if your children are young, the list of things that never seem to get put away is long – puzzles, books, board games, electronic games, trains, dolls, dress-up clothes, stuffed animals, matchbox cars, microscopes, globes, and more. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and hello to an organized home with space for kids to play.

How To Spring Clean Your Closet

Spring has arrived and with it, a feeling of rejuvenation and excitement for a fresh start. But as the weather begins to change and your family calendar starts to fill up, just the thought of spring cleaning makes you feel anxious. So much so that when you try to commit your time and effort to get the job done, not knowing where to start can make spring cleaning feel impossible. Afterall, the last thing you need on your to-do list is to spend the better part of your weekend cleaning out your closet. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. A recent survey by Merry Maids found that more than two-thirds of people view spring cleaning as an overwhelming and time-consuming chore.

The Essential Style Guide of an Organized Entryway Closet

Another Monday has arrived and with it another busy week, an impossible calendar, and a story of disorganized stress that is all too familiar. Ever the optimist, you get up early thinking you will outsmart the chaos, allowing ample time to get yourself and your family organized and out the door. You even laid out clothes and made lunches the night before! But instead, you are met with the usual resistance, pleas to stay in bed, the disappointment over peanut butter sandwiches that everyone loved the week before, and your own mental stopwatch counting down to your first meeting of the day. In a scene that looks more like herding cats than a well-oiled machine, by the time you all hit the entryway the wheels fall off the bus. The space is tiny, cluttered, and disorganized, and for the millionth time, you’ve glared at the store-bought organizer which has done absolutely nothing to help stop the mess. Despite trying a few of your own entryway organization ideas, the things your kids need are not where they belong and, in some cases, missing with no hope of finding them anytime soon. Yet you somehow make it to the car and so begins your day.

Essential Baby Closet Organization Ideas

It’s no surprise that after more time at home than ever before, studies are predicting a baby boom is on the way. From first time parents to families that already have kids in the home, having a baby is an exciting season in everyone’s lives (is it lives or life?). If this includes you, then you are on one of two paths: You are either preparing for a new addition to your family to arrive or having children is a future possibility. Both paths mean you are likely eager to make plans for this new stage in your life, decorate and organize your home, and get a baby closet prepared.

The Magic of the Holidays & Getting Ready for The New Year

For busy families, December is the most wonderful (and stressful) time of the year. A constant juggling act, your schedule is packed with kid’s recitals, holiday guests, and seasonal fun while somehow making sure your home is holiday ready. And just like that, your house is divided between beautifully decorated (and clean) rooms full of holiday magic and the rest of your house operating like one giant drop-off zone full of debris.

Your Home for the Holidays

Let’s face it. You love this time of year for the togetherness and celebration it brings. But, if you’re like us, you feel torn between pausing to take it all in and racing to get it all done, bouncing between those two realities can leave you feeling drained. This time of year, every holiday happening, from family pictures to hosting a neighborhood party produces a to-do list a mile long that has you cleaning for the holidays and organizing.

Design Trends to Keep You Organized & Inspired

Have you ever thought about how you feel when you step inside your closet? If you’re like most people, feelings of stress and frustration take over because you know the space could be better utilized if you had more time to tackle a walk-in closet design project. But what if we told you that the way you feel has just as much to do with the closet interior design of the space as it does with how the space functions? When your most personal space lacks any personalization, it can lead to feelings of frustration and a desire to get in and out as quickly as possible.

6 Genius Ways to Organize Your Family's Shoes

Does your family have a knack for leaving their things everywhere except for where they need to be? Maybe it’s a bag, briefcase or backpack cluttering the entryway, or jackets and coats hanging on the backs of chairs, or even dirty clothes tossed practically everywhere except the hamper. Yet none of these everyday organization issues are as frustrating as the scattered mess of shoes that overtake your mudroom or entryway.

12 Tips to Help You Fold Clothes and Save Space While Moving

When you are getting ready to move, your to-do list is full of tasks to tackle before the big day, including figuring out the best way to move clothes. It might be tempting to let the movers toss everything in a box and deal with the mess once you unpack. Or you can save time, money, and space by finding the best way to pack and fold your clothes and working with your movers to create an organized transition into your new home.  Here are our favorite tips for moving clothes!

What To Look For When Buying A House

When you walk through the door of a new house, there’s a lot competing for your attention and it all seems important. But here’s a little secret. Any house can be completely customized for your needs. What’s important is finding a house with good bones, serving as a canvas to design the house of your dreams.


Make Home a Better Place to Be

There’s no place like home. And when you take the time to transform your home with fresh room organization ideas, you quickly find that it’s easy to make home your family’s favorite place to be. Here are our top tips for organizing the spaces you use most.

What is a custom closet and why get one?

Our promise to you is a custom closet experience from beginning to end that leaves you feeling inspired. Custom means uniquely you, and for us, it’s not about creating a new space, but rather creating a uniquely you custom closet space that you’ll absolutely love. A custom closet that you’ll love for years to come. A closet system you’ll want to tell your best friend about. A custom closet you’ll want to show your sister over FaceTime, if necessary.

How much does a custom closet cost?

How much does a custom closet cost? It’s easily our most frequently asked question, and the answer is: It depends — mainly on the size of the space and what we’re putting into it. When considering a custom closet, the easiest way to think about cost is a simple phrase, “more product = more cost.” However, the average cost of a custom closet can range from $2,500 to $10,000. Custom closet prices for most customers sit around $3,500 to $5,000 based on your closet size and customizations.

Can I see my design before I purchase?

Yes, you can! Designing a closet is a process and we want to make sure that the final design is one you’ll love for years to come, which is why we use proprietary software that allows you to compare different designs with the click of a button. Wondering if you have enough drawers in your design? Swapping out a few shelves and replacing them with drawers is an easy change. Want to see an entire section change from long hang to double hang? Again, our design software makes it fast and easy to see the impact of that change.

How long does it take to install a custom closet?

For closet design and installation time, it all comes down to size. The larger the closet, the more opportunity for customization, and in turn, the more time it might take to design and install your custom closet. So while a reach-in closet can be as fast as half a day to a full day, a walk-in closet typically takes a day or two, and a room-size boutique closet can take three to four days to complete.

Can I adjust my closet after it’s installed?

Together we will design a space that can change with you over time, and that built-in flexibility is the key. Your custom solution is created uniquely for you, so we make sure we understand your needs from the start and design a space that will take care of those needs now and in the future. We want your final installation to feel like the rest of your home so we make sure to consider your interior design style while making recommendations.

What custom closet accessories make sense for me?

There’s nothing like adding that perfect piece of jewelry or scarf to your outfit to finish the look. And the same is true for your favorite handbag too. So we make finding all those accessories easy. Space-saving jewelry trays are an easy insert in any drawer and they are especially well placed in a custom closet with an island.

How do I organize my shoes?

Shoes present an organizational challenge, no matter how big or small your home is. Most shoe racks, shelves, and closet shoe organizers take a one-size-fits-all approach, leading to disorganization and frustration. So we work with clients to relieve that frustration by creating custom closet shoe storage to keep each pair organized.

What is my closet made of and how do I care for it?

When you decide to install a custom closet in your home, you are choosing to add a new structure that will be there for years to come. So it’s important to know what your custom closet materials are made of and how to care for them so that they will always have that same fresh look they had on installation day.

How do I organize my small closet?

Getting and staying organized at home can be a challenge, and it’s even more of an issue when your closets are small. That’s why we asked professional organizer and Inspired Closets Vermont co-owner Elizabeth Warren to share her favorite small closet organization ideas. Here are her tips for how to make the most out of the space you have to create an organized closet you’ll love.

How do I get ready for closet installation day?

We lay this foundation during your initial design consultation, taking the time to get to know you and evaluate your space. Our proprietary software enables us to offer you a collaborative experience where you can see your design come to life and make changes in real-time so you’ll know exactly what it will look like once it’s installed.

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