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Garage Cabinet Ideas For Staying Organized
Throughout the Year

Of all the places in your home, why does organizing the garage feel so daunting? The physical size, the number of things collected over the years, the variety of things, and the lack of a thoughtful, organizational structure all contribute to feelings of dread and overwhelm. Add to that the vast number of garage cabinet ideas available to you, and it’s no wonder we want to close the door and go back inside!

At Inspired Closets, we believe that organizing your garage doesn’t have to be the “dreaded project”. In fact, when we show you all that’s possible in this catch-all space, we think you’ll feel inspired. By leveraging the power of custom cabinets and optimizing garage closet ideas and tried-and-true organization methods, we’re able to transform your garage from a place of friction into one of function. Take a look at our garage storage cabinet ideas below for inspiration!

Garage Cabinet Ideas

Our favorite garage storage cabinet ideas for maximum function.

Are garage cabinets worth the investment? It’s a fair question, and the internet is full of garage cabinet ideas and garage storage ideas that can quickly buckle any budget. Our guidance is to keep it simple and start with a bank or wall of cabinets that will deliver near-instant relief from your clutter-induced headache. As the workhorse of garage storage, custom cabinets aid in getting things off the floor, make it easier to put things away and find them when you need them, and improve the appearance of the garage and the value of your home, all of which tend to lower stress levels. Let’s take a closer look at garage cabinet ideas clients love:

Garage Cabinets


Extra Deep Cabinets

Topping the list of storage ideas for the garage are deep cabinets. Ideally positioned along the back wall of the garage where there is more depth, these cabinets are 36″ deep and will hold all your biggest items. Think Yeti coolers, totes filled with seasonal decorations, large gardening pots, bags of grass seed or fertilizer, golf bags, and even items bought in bulk that won’t fit in the pantry, like paper towels.

Shallow Garage Cabinets


Shallow Cabinets

Maximizing every inch of space means making use of the side walls and return walls of your garage where space can be a bit tighter. Our 12″ deep cabinets are designed specifically for these spaces and hold paint cans, smaller gardening pots, lanterns, extra hoses, kids’ toys, and more.

Garage Cabinets with Sliding Doors


Cabinets with Sliding Doors

One of the best storage ideas for the garage is sliding door cabinets. This solution is ideal for every garage, especially for those looking for small garage storage ideas. Sliding doors glide along a track at the top and bottom of the cabinet and function like bypass doors, which means they don’t swing out like a traditional, hinged door. This gives you room to park your car in your garage and still access what’s inside the cabinet.

Garage Cabinets with a Built-in Workspace


Cabinets with a Built-In Workspace

Among tried-and-true garage cabinet ideas, you’ll find cabinets with a built-in workspace. These cabinets are a fantastic option for all homeowners regardless of how handy you are with a hammer. An integrated workbench, electrical outlets, recess lighting, and dedicated tool storage make small household projects easier.

Base Cabinets with Counter Space


Base Cabinets With Counter Space

When looking for garage cabinet storage ideas, a post-installation favorite you may not see often is a simple row of base cabinets that allow for extra counter space for serving food and drinks. Think outdoor birthday parties, graduation parties, or a weekend hangout spot for teens. In addition to the cabinet space gained for storing games and toys, this garage cabinet storage idea frees up wall space for a TV, making your garage the place to be!

Dedicated Cabinets for Shoes and Bags


Dedicated Cabinets for Shoes and Bags

Dedicated cabinets for shoes, bags, and coats are a welcome addition to any garage. From sandals to snow boots, a Shoe Shrine® shoe storage cabinet gives you a dedicated space with adjustable shelves to organize your family’s shoes and keep them away from the front of the door. Cabinets with extra deep drawers are great for storing bulkier items like scarves, hats, and gloves.

Tall, Open Cabinets


Tall, Open Cabinets

Tall, open cabinets with integrated slatwall instead of adjustable shelves are a great way to keep your larger gardening tools together and tucked away.

Overhead Cabinets


Overhead Cabinets

Overhead cabinets are perfect for storing things you don’t regularly access or might be potentially harmful and hazardous to children and pets, like pesticides.




Slatwall, while not exactly cabinetry, is an almost necessary storage idea for garages. With its open, visual display, slatwall makes it easy to find what you’re looking for fast and just as easily put it away. Well-placed, task-specific hooks can handle it all, from bikes and skateboards to tools and more.

Pro Tip #1/3

Make sure the shelves inside your garage cabinets are adjustable.

Pro Tip #2/3

When considering garage storage cabinet ideas, choose floating cabinets. They are mounted to the walls and make sweeping out the garage a breeze.

Pro Tip #3/3

Not all cabinet drawers are the same, so be mindful of where the rails are when looking at different garage storage cabinet ideas. When possible, opt for undermount drawers.

Garage Storage Ideas

The best storage ideas for garage success.

With your garage floor free from clutter, you’re well on your way to loving this once unlovable space, and the investment you’ve made in bringing your garage storage ideas to life will help you maintain it. When it comes to maintenance, consider these garage closet ideas:

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Idea 1

Keep Your Cabinets Clean

Make it a priority to wipe down and sweep out your cabinet spaces regularly, and be sure to annually go through your cabinets and closets to take stock of your items, keeping what you need and donating or discarding what you don’t.

Idea 2

Create Zones

Setting up dedicated zones in your garage cabinets is a simple way to help you stay organized. Dedicate areas within your garage for specific items, such as gardening tools, kids’ toys, or liquids. By defining these areas, it’ll be easier for you and your family to both find things quickly and put them away just as fast.

Idea 3

Label Your Spaces

Of the many garage closet ideas to organize your space, this is one of our favorites. Well-placed, easy-to-read labels make finding items a breeze, saving you and your family time and preventing frustration.

Idea 4

Use Containers

Storage shouldn’t stop at cabinetry. Small containers are helpful, easy, and often an inexpensive way to keep track of tiny items like bolts and screws.

Creating a garage space that works for everyone in the family can be a daunting task when done on your own. At Inspired Closets, our team of experts designs and installs custom organizational solutions and garage cabinet ideas to make every space functional and beautiful. Complete this form and we’ll be happy to give you a call.
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