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Finding Your Inspiration

Nicki Testimonial Headshot

"We have plenty of room and even room to grow in what wasn’t that big to begin with. I love my Inspired Closet."


Sue's Testimonial Headshot

“I love my Inspired Closet. Their four step process was easy and seamless. They got to know us and our needs, they took control of the entire experience and that was great for us.”


Testimonial Erik's Story

"When you hire somebody like Inspired Closets you just weigh in with what you like. Inspired Closets made the decision making process really easy.”


Testimonial Haidee's Story

During the design process, Inspired Closets helped me come up with the designs for the closet that we needed to help organize our life.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

At Inspired Closets Bellingham, our goal is to ensure every client is happy with the custom closet systems that we design and install. As much as we love creating closet organization solutions, the best part of any project is seeing just how excited people are about their transformed closets. Our Bellingham team works hard to create closet systems that make life easier, and clients love our work so much that they’ve left us wonderful testimonials.

The reason our work makes such a difference in the lives of our clients is that we take the time to fully understand the wants and needs of every client. Our four-step process allows us to discover exactly what isn’t working with your current closet setup and how we can take your space from chaotic to calm. Every decision we make is made with your specific goals and needs in mind.

At Inspired Closets Bellingham, our work doesn’t stop at closets. We have custom storage and organizational solutions for almost every room in your house. From laundry rooms and garages to entryways and kitchen pantries, we can take your home from cluttered to organized in no time. Take a look at some of our previous projects in our Idea Gallery to get inspired for your own closet redesign.

Call Inspired Closets Bellingham to get started or to learn more about what we do. You can also stop by our Bellingham showroom to see our designs for yourself.

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