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Features our customers love

Creating a walk-in closet that meets the needs of more than one person is a challenge worth conquering. At Inspired Closets, our expert design teams focus on making the most of your walk-in closet so each person feels they have a functional, beautiful closet system (even if it’s not an equal split!).

Shoe Shrine®

Designed to display your shoes in an organized, elegant way, our Shoe Shrine® is a client-favorite feature. The adjustable shelves let you shift things around to fit all of your different shoes and, because each pair has its own spot, you never have to rummage around to find the pair you need.

Jewelry Tray

Tired of your necklaces being a tangled mess? Can’t find both earrings in your favorite pair? We can help. Our custom jewelry trays are the solution you’ve been looking for. Velvet lined with the option for acrylic or velvet dividers, you can outfit the drawers in your hutch or island with jewelry trays to organize it all. Custom designed to store every piece of jewelry you love, let’s work together to organize it all.


Say goodbye to dirty laundry on the floor of your closet or piled high in plastic laundry baskets. A hideaway hamper is a laundry basket disguised as a sleek closet drawer. Install two so that you can sort darks and lights before the clothes hit the laundry room.

Built-In Drawers

Add any number of soft-close drawers to your walk-in closet for all the clothes that don’t need a hanger. The stylish colors and polished hardware on our drawers add some personal flair to your closet.

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Our talented closet designers know how to use features that maximize the storage space in your closet while still maintaining an open, clutter-free closet. Over the years of installing walk-in closet systems for Boise area residents, we’ve developed a keen eye for design. With features such as built-in drawers and hampers, we maximize the functional space of your closet. With our Shoe Shrine® and jewelry trays, your shoes and accessories are not only organized — they’re also visible and easy to access. We recommend colors and hardware for your walk-in closet that match your Boise area home so that you feel right at home the second you step into your new space.

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