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Features our customers love

Imagine a space so organized that no one ever loses anything…no misplaced keys, backpacks, coats, or cleats. Well, we can’t quite promise that, but we can promise an entryway that makes leaving a breeze and coming home a joy. Inspired Closets creates custom entryway solutions, mudrooms, and locker designs that fit your family’s specific needs. An organized entryway system makes every day better.

Pull Out Baskets

For fast organization, pull-out baskets are your best option. Their easy access makes it simple for everyone in the home — even the messiest kids — to toss items inside and keep clutter off the floor.


Custom lockers and cabinets are great organization features because they keep jackets and shoes out of sight while adding some style to your entryway. Choose from a variety of colors and hardware for the custom mudroom lockers in your Boise area home.

Shoe Shrine®

If shoes make the outfit, then the Inspired Closets Shoe Shrine® is the finishing touch on any custom closet. This adjustable custom closet organizer can handle every pair of shoes in any size and every season. Thanks to slim shelves that can maximize storage, you can add or remove shelves to change the configuration anytime you want, making this solution flexible and organized all in one. That’s the magic of the Inspired Closets Shoe Shrine®.


It’s a small addition, but it makes a big difference. Entryway benches provide a space to put on shoes and get ready to head out the door, as well as a place to set down bags and exhale before entering the home.

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The way we create an organized entryway is by designing and installing custom organization features that simplify your life. We take the time to understand how you use your entryway and what organization challenges you currently face. Then, while factoring in the square footage and layout of your entryway, we use a blend of features to create a space designed for you and your family. If your family is made up of athletes who need storage for lacrosse sticks, soccer balls, and other sports equipment, we can add an entryway storage closet. If you want a space to sit and put on shoes before heading out door, we’ll install a custom entryway bench.

After designing a solution for your family, our installation team takes care of removing your existing entryway structure and installing your new one. We can typically install custom mudroom lockers and cabinets in Boise homes in one day. It’s easier than you’d ever imagine to transform your entryway into a beautifully organized space you can’t wait to come home to. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation. Or, we invite you to visit our showroom to meet our team and view samples of our work in person.

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