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1. Consult

Together we will talk about:

  • How you use your closet
  • What you own
  • What works and what doesn’t in your closet
  • What look and feel most inspires you
<span>1.</span> Consult
<span>2.</span> Design

2. Design

Together we’ll create a design customized to your needs. We will:

  • Show you designs that connect back to your needs and wants
  • Provide recommendations on layout, color, and finishes
  • Share material and hardware samples
  • Create a 3D rendering of your custom closet

3. Prepare

We respect your to-do list.  Preparation takes time and can feel daunting. We get it, and we’re here to help. Ask us about:

  • Garment racks that make it easy to access your belongings during installation.
  • How we can help with the removal of your existing closet system and preparing your walls for installation

Let’s talk about what you need, and create a plan that works for you.

<span>3.</span> Prepare
<span>4.</span> Install

4. Install

Excitement builds on installation day. Our build team will:

  • Arrive on time and ready to transform your closet
  • Efficiently get the job done
  • Leave your home as clean as it was when they arrived

5. Love your closet!

You will absolutely love your new custom closet. Need we say more?

<span>5.</span> Love your closet!

Our Simple Four-Step Process

With our simple, four-step process, it is easier than you think to get a new custom closet in your Charleston home. After four steps — consult, design, prepare, and install — you’ll have a space in your home that inspires you daily.

The custom closet process begins with a conversation. A designer meets with you and ask questions so they can better understand you and your needs. We ask you about your frustrations with your space and your expectations for the project. During the consultation, we do a walkthrough of the space, taking measurements and a detailed inventory of the items you own along the way. This initial consultation guides the decisions we make about your custom closet moving forward. You might not know exactly how you want your new custom closet to look. That’s alright. Our experienced designers are here to solve your home organization challenges in a way that supports your lifestyle and integrates beautifully into your Charleston, SC home.

We keep your needs in mind as we select layout and design options that fit your lifestyle. Our designers also take your budget and existing home decor into account as they recommend colors, finishes, and hardware for your custom closet. You might change your mind about some design decisions, and you should know that it’s perfectly ok if you do. We are patient professionals who are dedicated to creating a custom closet experience you’ll enjoy. One of the things we do to help our clients feel comfortable with the custom closet design is to create a 3D rendering of the design. You will be able to visualize how the custom closet will look in your Charleston, SC home and make any changes as you see fit. It’s a step that you’ll appreciate.

Once the design is finalized, the preparation stage begins. We know that it can be overwhelming to clean out your closet, which is why we provide simple solutions that reduce your workload. The garment racks we give you make it easy to store and access your belongings. With your items out of your closet, you can relax as we take care of the rest. Our professional custom closet installation team prepares the walls for your new custom closet and installs everything. We always pick an installation day that fits your schedule, then work efficiently so you can start enjoying your new space. When you step into your Inspired Closets space, you’ll be amazed at how similar the final product is to the 3D rendering.

We are the custom closet organization experts of choice in the Charleston area. We would love to help transform any room in your home into an organized, inspired space. We specialize in custom closets, but we can also help you with your garage, kitchen pantry, laundry room, home office, or entryway. Give us a call or stop by our custom closet organization showroom in Charleston, SC to visit with us and discuss how we can help you.

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