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Features our customers love

Shoe Shrine®

If shoes make the outfit, then the Inspired Closets Shoe Shrine® is the finishing touch on any custom closet. This adjustable custom closet organizer can handle every pair of shoes in any size and every season. Thanks to slim shelves that can maximize storage, you can add or remove shelves to change the configuration anytime you want, making this solution flexible and organized all in one. That’s the magic of the Inspired Closets Shoe Shrine®.

Jewelry Tray

Tired of your necklaces being a tangled mess? Can’t find both earrings in your favorite pair? We can help. Our custom jewelry trays are the solution you’ve been looking for. Velvet lined with the option for acrylic or velvet dividers, you can outfit the drawers in your hutch or island with jewelry trays to organize it all. Custom designed to store every piece of jewelry you love, let’s work together to organize it all.


Tucked away until laundry day. That’s the beauty of an integrated hamper. Say goodbye to dirty clothes on the floor and hello to convenient laundry storage where you need it most. Our hideaway hampers make it easy to manage the laundry, keeping it out of sight yet organized until it’s time to get it done. So let’s work together to keep your laundry in check and your custom closet clutter-free. Your dirty laundry never looked so good!

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In order to achieve a truly customized closet, we take the time to meet with you and ask you about your needs. Our designers strive to understand your problems with your closet and your expectations for the project, and then we use those insights to create a distinctive, uniquely you design. Our talented designers use clever features, including integrated hampers, jewelry cubbies, and our proprietary Shoe Shrine™ to organize the things that oftentimes frustrate you the most. Because we know your needs will change over time, much of what we design is adjustable.

Our Chicago-based team designs custom closets in all sizes, including walk-in, reach-in, and boutique closets. Every member of our team, from our showroom staff to our designers to our installation crew, is dedicated to providing exceptional service throughout the custom closet process. We work with our Chicagoland-area clients to create custom closets that truly inspire. Give us a call to start the process today.

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