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1. Consult

Together we will talk about:

  • How you use your closet
  • What you own
  • What works and what doesn’t in your closet
  • What look and feel most inspires you
<span>1.</span> Consult
<span>2.</span> Design

2. Design

Together we’ll create a design customized to your needs. We will:

  • Show you designs that connect back to your needs and wants
  • Provide recommendations on layout, color, and finishes
  • Share material and hardware samples
  • Create a 3D rendering of your custom closet

3. Prepare

We respect your to-do list.  Preparation takes time and can feel daunting. We get it, and we’re here to help. Ask us about:

  • Garment racks that make it easy to access your belongings during installation.
  • How we can help with the removal of your existing closet system and preparing your walls for installation

Let’s talk about what you need, and create a plan that works for you.

<span>3.</span> Prepare
<span>4.</span> Install

4. Install

Excitement builds on installation day. Our build team will:

  • Arrive on time and ready to transform your closet
  • Efficiently get the job done
  • Leave your home as clean as it was when they arrived

5. Love your closet!

You will absolutely love your new custom closet. Need we say more?

<span>5.</span> Love your closet!

Our Custom Closet Process

To build your custom closet in your Maryland home, we use a collaborative four-step process: consult, design, prepare and install. In these four steps, our team transforms your current closet into a space that inspires you each time you open the door. 

The process starts with an initial consultation. In this meeting, we’ll talk with you about your current organization challenges as well as what items need to be stored in your new custom closet. We’ll also talk about your goals for your new custom closet, and how we can best help you achieve them. After this initial meeting, our creative team begins the design step. 

Our closet design team is skilled in home organization, and will use their expertise to recommend space-saving solutions that cut down on clutter and maximize every inch of space in your home. Once they have a strong understanding of your closet organization goals, they’ll add features such as built-in drawers, hanging rods, and shelves to hold all of your clothing and accessories. Our team also provides you with a custom 3D rendering of your new space, so you can better envision the finished product. We welcome you to offer your feedback here, as we want you to be completely satisfied with your new closet design. 

Once you’re happy with your closet design, our team helps you prepare your space. We’ll also provide garment racks to keep your items accessible while our team removes your existing closet system. On closet installation day, our installation team works carefully and quickly to complete the project as soon as possible, with minimal interruption to your day. If you’re ready to get started with closet design and installation in your Maryland home, give us a call today or schedule a consultation online. 


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