Kelli Burns

“This closet system is awesome!  I spent a lot of time trying to get the right system for my outdated and nonfunctional system.  When Sandy showed me his closet system and what it could look like and how functional it was I knew I had to have this system.  In fact, I not only got one closet, but three!  Sandy explained how the materials would be delivered to the house and he was there the next day installing it.  Out of all other systems I have seen, the McKees  are the ONLY way to go.”

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"David came in, looked at the space and came up with a much better option than I would have done myself. He provided a quote quickly and I had the units installed within two weeks...The finished product is beautiful and we are ecstatic about how much more storage space we have now."

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"I had a custom pantry installed giving me much more space and flexibility to work with and I love it! I have only had the system installed for 2 days but I love that I can adjust the shelves and it has turned my disaster of a pantry into something wonderful!"

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