“The entire process went very well.  Tom went out of his way to meet with me at a time that would work well for me.  He asked what I was looking for.  Asked what kind of clothing I have, for example, I hang most of my slacks on clip hangers so they hang long.  I am very happy with the design.  He sent out his team to do the work.  I could not be there and had someone let them in.  They were left to do the work and lock the door behind them.  The work was done as promised, they did not leave a mess.  I am thrilled.”

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"The entire process was easy - a designer measured the closet, he listened to what I wanted in the closet and made recommendations for the final design based on my ideas and his experience."

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Testimonial Shanna's Story

“My experience with Inspired Closets was great. From measurements to layout to selecting options everything came out exactly like it was described and pictured.”

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