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8 Benefits of Floating Garage Cabinets

Garage Cabinet

What’s behind your garage door? Tools, shovels, rakes, bags of potting soil, shoes, yard games, sports equipment, seasonal decorations, bins and bins full of anything and everything… Garages are often a forgotten space where we haphazardly toss dirty outdoor stuff or the things we don’t know what to do with. If you’re like most homeowners, you ignore the chaos in your garage and any existing garage cabinet storage system–literally and metaphorically shutting the door to the mess–until you want to use the garage for its primary purpose: to park the car.

Because we don’t spend the majority of our time in the garage and it isn’t really a place we showcase, homeowners often wonder, why is garage storage important? What are the benefits of garage shelving and custom cabinets? Is dealing with my messy and cluttered garage actually worth it? Simply put: garage organization matters. A disorganized garage is not only frustrating and stressful, but it also wastes significant time and can end up costing you a lot when items get lost or broken. And frankly, a disorganized garage can leave you feeling embarrassed when others see a space that makes you feel out of control. An organized garage with custom storage solutions will save you time and money in the long run, and create a sense of calm–a place you can be proud of that positively impacts your mood and routine.

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With fewer Americans moving these days, homeowners have a need to make the most out of the spaces they’re already in. Rising costs of living and growing interest rates aren’t the only drivers. According to U.S. Census data, only 8.4% of Americans relocated in 2021. Despite national population growth, this is the lowest annual moving rate recorded since 1948, with current moving rates sitting at half of what they were in the 1940s. As this trend continues, ensuring your current house–interior spaces, garage, and all–brings you joy and makes your life as easy as possible is a prudent decision now that will only continue to serve you well into the future.

So, how do you take your garage back from all of the clutter that’s accumulated over the years, eliminate garage-induced tension, and make it a place that truly works for you? Floating garage cabinets, a custom, aesthetically pleasing, and functional storage solution mounted to garage wall studs to conceal your things and keep them safe, are the perfect place to start. Continue reading to not only learn how custom garage wall cabinets will improve your storage capabilities, but also why using a garage storage system to organize your space truly matters.

Advantages of Custom Garage Storage Cabinets

Custom wall-mounted garage cabinets offer a wide range of benefits for your space, your family, and your lifestyle. Below are the top reasons why we recommend floating garage cabinets to get your garage truly working for you.

Garage Cabinets


Personalized Design

No more retail, one-size-fits-all solutions. One of the best parts of custom garage cabinets is that they’re just that–custom! That means you can work with an expert to design a hanging garage cabinet system created to flow with your family’s natural routines and store a wide variety of things both big and small, from a can of tennis balls to a cooler, or nuts and bolts to a bag of fertilizer.

Garage Cabinet


Look Good, Feel Good

Candidly speaking, floating garage cabinets look amazing and they go the extra mile to conceal and organize items you don’t want lying around. Custom cabinets are designed to match your personal style, making your garage a place you truly enjoy being in. From Arctic White to Bronze to Pewter, Inspired Closets offers a wide range of cabinet color options. Coordinating slatwall colors and intentionally selected hardware make everything come together to elevate the look and feel of the space.

Garage Cabinet


Free the Floor

Running out of storage space? According to the Wall Street Journal, the size of new homes has been steadily shrinking over the past five years by about 10%. This trend doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon–it’s a popular way for builders to make their homes more affordable in the face of rising mortgage rates and construction costs. The good news is, floating garage cabinets are a great way to combat shrinking interiors. Getting things off the garage floor by utilizing wall space to build floating garage cabinets allows you to store so much more in the same amount of space.

Garage Cabinets


Easy and Better Access

When similar items are grouped together and have a specific place in the garage, finding what you’re looking for becomes so much easier. Dedicated garage wall cabinet storage that’s customized to your exact needs and the things you own will save you time and save you from a whole lot of stress.

Garage Cabinet


Safety First

From weed whackers and pruning shears to paint and pesticides, we store a lot of potentially harmful things in the garage. Locked cabinets and upper floating garage cabinets keep these items far away from little hands. Plus, wall-mounted garage cabinets keep the floor more clear, eliminating tripping hazards and helping to prevent accidents.

Garage Cabinet


Protection Against Dust, Pests, and Moisture

Due to the nature of what’s stored in the garage, it can be a pretty dirty place. Aside from all the sand, mud, snow, and dirt we’re continually tracking in, there’s also the overhead garage door that can let in dust, leaves, and even nosy critters. Cabinet doors go a long way to protect your valuables from anything that might find its way into the garage.

Garage Cabinet


Clean Sweep

Aside from the inherent protection provided by keeping things behind cabinet doors, another benefit of a garage cabinet storage system is that floating garage cabinets also make it a lot easier to keep your space clean. Easily dust off the top and sweep out the bottom with unrestricted access to your garage floor.

Garage Cabinets


Increase in Home Value

A garage adds significant value to your home, between $12,750 and $33,150, according to That means a well-organized garage with custom cabinetry and slatwall adds even more value and functionality to your space. When it comes time to sell, a clean and organized garage leaves a positive impact on potential buyers, too. Ample garage storage space is something 85% of homebuyers want. They’re looking for the whole home to be well-maintained–even the garage–and custom floating garage cabinets reflect just that.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Floating Garage Cabinets

There are a lot of different ways to design and install wall-mounted garage cabinets so they work for your exact space. Our design experts are here to help you make those decisions. At Inspired Closets, we work with you, thinking through each square foot, feature, and finish, to ensure you have the smartest garage wall cabinet storage solutions for your unique needs.

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The Considerations

Our experts make when designing floating garage cabinets

Cabinet Color and Material

Whether you want your garage to match the rest of your home or you’re mostly interested in your cabinets not showing any dirt, you can choose from our many colors and finishes from lighter Warm Sand and Sterling to darker Ore and Fort. It’s also important to think about what your cabinets are made from. A high-quality garage wall cabinet material is crucial when it comes to daily wear and tear and getting the most out of your investment.


Wall Structure and Installation Location

The structure of the wall your floating garage cabinets are hanging from is crucial. Plus, from an accessibility perspective, it’s important to think about where the cabinets will be in the garage; will you be able to easily open the cabinet doors and access what’s inside? Is there enough space between the garage wall cabinets and your cars to move easily throughout the space? If not, your design expert will recommend our sliding door cabinets that are designed for garages where space is at a premium. They’re sleek, easy to use, and because they don’t have hinges, sliding the cabinet doors open doesn’t take up any additional space.


Cabinet Size, Depth, and Weight Capacity

How big you need your garage wall storage cabinets to be and what exactly you need them to hold are key factors in determining cabinet size, depth, and weight capacity. For example, features like heavy-duty undermount drawers are great for garage spaces. Our designers will work with you to take inventory of everything you currently have in your garage, pare it down to exactly what you want to keep in the space, and make the choices needed to ensure that your floating garage cabinets will safely and effectively store your things.


Incorporating Other Garage Storage Features

When it comes to custom garage storage, floating garage cabinets are just the first place to start. The great thing about custom cabinets is they can be enhanced when incorporated with other storage features like slatwall for hanging things, open shelving for quick and easy access to items, sliding bypass doors to save space, dedicated workbench areas, lighting, and more. Your design expert will work with you to determine which storage options you can benefit from and what will work best in your space.


Your Budget

All garages are different, but not all floating garage cabinets are made the same. So, make sure you understand the quality of what you’re buying and that the solution isn’t over-designed for what you need. Cost for custom garage wall cabinets depends on the size of your garage and how much product you need for the space, as well as the features you choose. A trusted custom closet company with experienced designers will provide invaluable guidance when making thoughtful choices that align with your budget. At Inspired Closets, our design experts will work with you and your budget to create the best possible garage wall cabinet system for your space.


Your garage may not be a primary living space, but it’s more than worth your time, attention, and investment. Trust us, with help from the experts, your garage can make you feel at ease and productive as opposed to tense and overwhelmed. From floating garage cabinets to sliding doors, slatwall, and more, our design experts help create a functional, well-loved space. And, in the long run, the return on your investment and significantly reduced stress will make it all worth it.

If you’re ready to transform your garage but you’re not sure where to start, Inspired Closets is here to help. Our design experts will show you everything that’s possible for your garage, taking into account your specific needs and how much space you have to work with. Remember, we handle the big stuff and the finer details so you can relax. Transformation is what we do, and the garage is no exception. Let’s make your life easier with floating garage cabinets and a garage storage system you truly love.

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