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GARAGE Boot Storage &
Shoe Organization

A large shoe organizer with drawers stands next to a coat rack.

Picture this: it’s Wednesday, the first “late start” school day of the new semester. This means the routine everyone had settled into before the holiday break has been upended. Somehow, the one day that affords you extra “get ready” time in the morning is the one day a week when you’re chronically and chaotically late. As bodies fly from bedroom to breakfast table, the stress and anxiety of misplaced homework, practice clothes, and gym shoes mounts. Between chugs of coffee and after school instructions, you glance down at the mountain of shoes piled and lifeless on the garage floor and think to yourself, “Why do we live like this?”

It’s not because you’re the worst parent on the planet, although we understand the leap to that conclusion because we’ve all made that same leap before, too. The answer is surprisingly and refreshingly simple. It’s because you lack custom garage shoe storage and organization that was designed with your crew in mind. Garages often come with different standard, builder-grade storage options like shelves or a couple of cabinets. The problem with these standard options is that they aren’t typically designed for garage shoe storage, and they especially aren’t designed to accommodate shoes with unique and varying sizes, like boots.

If these storage solutions aren’t designed for your specific garage or how you need them to work, they end up leaving a lot of wasted space. Without dedicated storage just for shoes, other things like tools, toys, or sports equipment often end up getting piled on the shelves along with the shoes, too. This creates mess, clutter, and visual noise that makes your garage an overwhelming place to be. Custom garage shoe storage that keeps each boot, sneaker, and sandal organized can reduce the stress and anxiety you feel in the mornings. And, it’s also been proven to increase the likelihood that you get where you need to be on time.

When you work with Inspired Closets to design and install custom solutions, our designers help you maximize the space available for garage shoe storage by opting for shoe organization that allows you to fit as many pairs as needed. This way, no space gets wasted. Let’s dive deeper into the many different garage shoe storage and organization solutions that will help you put your garage space to good use and make your life a little easier.

Permanent Garage Shoe Storage Ideas

If you’re looking for custom, long-term ideas for shoe storage in the garage, take a look at our suggestions for permanent solutions.

A shoe organizer sits by a door with the a sign reading hello.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Vertical space is often overlooked for garage shoe storage. Heavy-duty garage shelves can be mounted anywhere on your garage walls, allowing you to take advantage of the underutilized vertical space, particularly for off-season shoes you don’t wear often like snow boots you only need in the winter.

When working with a design expert, they’ll consider adding sturdy garage shelves to your design plan if you have a large family, a sizable shoe collection, or a lot of heavier shoes like work boots. These types of shelves can support the weight of numerous shoes and can even accommodate bins or containers if you want to organize the shoes further.

Built-In Open Storage

Are you looking for a clean, neat way to organize shoes in the garage? Built-in open shelves are an excellent way to organize your shoes while also creating easy access. Our designers often incorporate a mix of shoe racks, shelves, and hooks to create a custom solution that fits your exact needs.

Built-In Storage Cabinets or Custom Lockers

Storage cabinets and custom lockers are excellent garage shoe organizers because they offer ample space while keeping boots, sneakers, and any other shoes out of sight. With custom lockers, you can also create personalized space for each family member to store footwear and other items like bags, coats, and keys.

Built-In Bench With Shoe Storage

A built-in bench with custom shoe storage provides comfortable seating that allows you to easily slip on your boots or shoes while also offering hidden storage beneath the seat for your shoes. Plus, you can add a few pillows to make your space feel extra comfortable.

Moveable Garage Shoe Storage Ideas

Do you need ideas for how to store shoes in the garage that you can quickly move around as needed? Below are our designer’s favorite flexible garage shoe storage solutions.

A shelf with shoes and tool box surround by tools.

Boot Tray

Store wet or muddy shoes on a boot tray to contain dirt and moisture. The great thing about a tray like this is that it can be moved exactly where you want it or you can put it away until you need it again. They’re also cost effective and easy to clean off when they do get muddy or dirty.
One con of boot trays is, because they’re a one-size-fits-all solution, shoes tend to pile up on top of each other on the tray. However, this issue can be solved by buying additional trays if you have space in your garage to accommodate them.

Storage Baskets or Plastic Crates for Multiple Shoes

Consider a large storage basket or plastic crate to hold multiple pairs of heavy-duty shoes, like work boots or winter boots, in one place. Because baskets and crates are readily moveable, it’s easy to retrieve and put away your footwear whenever you need to.

Rolling Clothing or Shoe Rack

A rolling shoe rack offers mobility and versatility. You can roll it to different areas of the garage as needed, making it easy to access and organize your shoes.

Organizing Shoe and Boot Storage in
the Garage

When it comes to garage shoe storage, it’s not just about finding a spot for each pair, it’s also about creating a system that suits your lifestyle and keeps your footwear easily accessible. Keep reading for a few of our favorite organization ideas.

Shelves filled with shoes, sports balls, and coats.

Organize Sports Shoes With Sports Equipment

Keep sports shoes with sports equipment instead of storing them with all of the other day-to-day shoes so they’re easier to find come game time. You can use shelves, hooks, or cubbies for each sport’s accessories.

Sort by Season for Easy Access

Consider a large storage basket or plastic crate to hold multiple pairs of heavy-duty shoes, like work boots or winter boots, in one place. Because baskets and crates are readily moveable, it’s easy to retrieve and put away your footwear whenever you need to.

Use a Boot Rack or Adjustable Storage for Tall Boots

Tall boots often lack overall structure, so they fall over easily. A boot rack or a solution with adjustable shelves, like our Shoe Shrine®, helps maintain the shape of the boots by keeping them upright. A storage solution like this will also keep boots neat and tidy for better overall organization.

Find Unused Spaces Around the Garage

Work with a design expert to make use of every available space in your garage for better shoe storage. Our designers free up space by the door to the house so your shoe organization solution can be close to the door, right where you need it.

Design experts often do this by relocating things you currently have by the door to somewhere else in the garage where it makes more sense for them to be. Not only will your shoe storage benefit from thoughtful, professional planning, but everything else in your garage will have better, more functional storage, too.

Find the Right Garage Shoe Storage Solutions

Don’t let your garage become a chaotic jumble of shoes. Instead, let these ideas inspire you to create your ideal garage shoe storage setup.

Inspired Closets can help you create functional and visually appealing garage shoe storage solutions that fit your needs. Whether you prefer vertical storage, permanent fixtures, mobile options, or quick fixes, we’ll design something that works for you and your family.

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