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Kitchen Appliance Storage & Organization Solutions

Small kitchen appliances are a staple in most homes, but they can be tough to store. While they are smaller than a fridge or an oven, they are large enough that they take up a considerable–and sometimes awkward–amount of space. If you don’t have thoughtful, dedicated storage for kitchen appliances that works with your kitchen’s footprint, these items will end up cluttering your countertops and they may even take over the pantry, the cabinets, and the island, too. And, unlike other areas of the home, kitchen countertop clutter is highly visible. There’s no “closing the door” like you can with a cluttered room, closet, or basement.

The good news? We can help you get ahead of the chaos and overwhelm before it accumulates by keeping the heart of your home calm and clutter-free. Follow our simple, kitchen organization tips to pair things down and identify areas where you need better, custom kitchen appliance storage solutions to meet your needs. Our experienced designers will help you through this process, or step in when you’re ready for design expertise and a fresh set of eyes to determine how your space can be used more thoughtfully and creatively. They’ll also determine exactly which kitchen appliance storage ideas will work best to intuitively organize all of your small appliances.

Ultimately, our goal is to save you time and eliminate stress by creating kitchen appliance storage solutions that safely store your small appliances, keep them smartly organized, and allow you to find exactly what you need when you need it. It’s also important to ensure that you have enough space to store any additional kitchen appliances you purchase in the future.

Keep reading to learn more about kitchen organization tips and the custom appliance storage options that make for smoother, simpler, and calmer days.

The History of Small Kitchen Appliances

As we all look to make meal prep easier and faster, we happily jump on the small appliance bandwagon and are eager to purchase the “next best thing”. First, let’s take a moment to think about some of the most popular small kitchen appliances over the years:

Kitchen Appliance TimelineKitchen Appliance Timeline

We buy these small appliances for a reason: they’re extremely useful! However, we know more and more will continue to be invented as the years go on. The kitchen appliances you own now aren’t likely to be the exact same ones you have or use one, two, or three years from now. Taking the time to stay on top of what you own and making sure you have things that you actually use will play a major role in cutting clutter in the present, keeping your kitchen appliance storage organized, and ensuring you have space for any new gadgets you want to purchase in the future.

General Kitchen Organization Tips

Before any kitchen appliance storage additions and upgrades, it’s important to complete a few basic organizational tasks to get things in good shape and help you determine what all you need to transform your space. Taking inventory of your small kitchen appliances before any designing or remodeling ensures that your design plans will account for everything you currently need storage for, as well as items you may purchase in the future.

Investing this time in the beginning will save you a lot of time and money in the long run by preventing any additional remodels due to designs that weren’t done thoughtfully in the first place. It’s helpful to enlist the help of an expert during this initial organization phase to conserve your time and energy, and to have the certainty of a trained expert. At Inspired Closets, our expert designers can help you tackle these steps with an experienced and critical eye.

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Remove unnecessary items

Think about appliances you rarely use, things that are no longer functional, items you upgraded or have similar versions of, or even gifts that you’re hanging onto but aren’t really using. Sell or donate small appliances that are no longer needed.

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Identify areas of opportunity

With the unnecessary clutter gone, you’ll be able to more easily see where there’s room for improvement in your kitchen appliance storage methods as well as identify what exactly is needed to store everything you now have.

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Keep things tidy after use

A tried-and-true tip that applies all over the house but especially in the kitchen: clean up and put items away right after you use them. This encourages you to get things done while you’re still in the mindset to do so, and prevents clutter from building up over time.

Once you’ve paired your small kitchen appliances down to only the things you need and you’ve identified areas of opportunity, it’s time to rope in the experts. Our designers will visit your space and talk to you about implementing proven methods to reduce clutter by conveniently storing and organizing your small kitchen appliances.

Different Ways to Store Small Kitchen Appliances

Whether it’s by adding storage features to your space or following logical methods of organization, there are many ways to tackle kitchen appliance storage. You can use any of the following methods to upgrade and organize your space so you end up with appliance storage solutions that work for your exact needs and thoughtfully adhere to the cadence of your kitchen routines.

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Cabinet with Drawers


Store By Use or By Category

Keep items that are used for similar things, often used together, or of similar size/weight together. Follow these organization methods for logical, easy kitchen appliance storage:

  • Mixers and blenders together
  • Toaster, toaster oven, and air fryer together
  • Crockpot, Instant Pot, rice cooker, or any other slow cookers together
  • Coffee maker, espresso machine, electric kettle, and any other coffee/tea appliances together

Pro Tip

Use your most easily accessible kitchen storage real estate for regularly used items so that they’re quickly and safely within reach.

Bottom Cabinets


Custom Pantry Cabinets

Custom kitchen appliance storage cabinets are designed with your needs in mind, and they can be especially helpful for people who have larger appliances to store. It’s becoming more and more standard to build large appliances, like the refrigerator and stove/oven, into cabinetry or an island. However, people also often build smaller appliances, like microwaves and coffee makers, into their custom cabinetry, too. Custom, built-in appliance storage solutions are also smart if you own more uncommon appliances like a wine fridge, an espresso machine, or a pizza oven.

When designing custom pantry cabinetry, your Inspired Closets designer can opt for various space-saving features that allow you to fit more appliance storage into your pantry.

Open Pantry Shelving


Open Pantry Shelving

When it comes to the pantry, open shelving is the way to go. Because pantries are already behind a door or in their own, separate space, you don’t need cabinet doors to further hide your small kitchen appliances, stocked food, and other items from view. Instead, open shelves for appliances make it easier to see everything you have and find exactly what you’re looking for, which ultimately saves time and money.

There are two space-saving, logical storage solutions our designers prefer for pretty much any pantry space: adjustable shelves and corner shelves. Truly taking custom to the next level, adjustable small appliance shelves allow you to change up your pantry as needed, ensuring your storage solutions can flex along with your family and serve your needs well into the future. Corner-specific shelves are a smart way to get the absolute most use out of your space by creating usable storage in areas that basic pantry shelving usually leaves out.

Closed Closet Storage


Closed Closet Storage

Many kitchens have closed closet storage. Similar to a pantry but usually much smaller, a closed closet can often hide a lot of clutter behind the door. Out of sight, out of mind–this clutter can often be ignored or forgotten until you can’t find something that you’re sure is hiding in the cramped closet. While they are a great kitchen appliance storage option, at Inspired Closets, our designers don’t want you to just stop at the door.

Instead, your designer will create thoughtful, space-saving storage for appliances in the closet itself using a combination of features like open shelving, drawers, and whatever else allows you to make the most of the space. Dedicated small appliance organization methods, even behind closed doors, are necessary to save time, eliminate stress, and keep the clutter from creeping into the rest of the kitchen.

Pull-Out Drawers


Pull-Out Drawers

Pull-out drawers and sliding trays provide quick, easy access to all of your small appliances. You can choose from a range of sizes and styles to support items across sizes and weights. When possible, choose soft-close drawers for slower wear and tear, to avoid pinched fingers, and for a smoother overall experience. Pull-out drawers and sliding trays work well built into cabinetry, into the kitchen island, or as an appliance storage solution in the pantry.

Appliance Garage


Appliance Garage

An appliance garage is like a little garage for you to “park” your small appliances in. They often have a flip-up or roll-up door, similar to how garage doors function. An appliance garage generally rests on countertops, making them a great option for items you usually keep on the counter and need regular, easy access to.

When it comes to the heart of your home, you should never settle for clutter, chaos, or less-than-ideal kitchen appliance storage. The process of reclaiming your kitchen counters may feel overwhelming, but with our design experts, it’s simple. They’ll help you pair down and prioritize your items to identify where your kitchen appliance storage can improve, ensuring you have the best possible solutions and saving you time and money by avoiding costly remodels down the road. Then, our team will upgrade your current appliance storage methods or build in new, custom pantry solutions that perfectly fit your needs.

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