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Mudroom Layout Ideas And Organization Inspiration for Every Homeowner

Let’s face it, life is busy! Between kids, work, school, extracurricular activities, pets, and more, keeping everything balanced can be a challenge. When you’re always on the move, coming and going from your house for this event or that, there’s usually a point of entry and exit that your family regularly uses. Because we’re so busy and spend little time in these spaces, it’s easy for them to quickly become messy, hectic, and overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the entryway or mudroom storage needed to accommodate everyone in the house.

Other than the overall clutter and chaos, why is this a problem? Well, your entryway sets the tone for how you feel when you start your day, and it can also inform how you feel when you come back home at the end of a long day. Plus, it’s usually the first thing guests see when they enter your home. Your entryway is a representation of the rest of your space, both emotionally and stylistically.

Why Finding Mudroom Inspiration Is Important

A disorganized space will waste a lot of your time, especially if you don’t know where things are or you’re tossing shoes and coats haphazardly on a chair or the floor because they don’t have a dedicated storage space. If real attention isn’t given to these areas, the disorganization and chaos can easily creep beyond the mudroom or entryway and into the rest of your home.

On the other hand, a thoughtfully organized space will save you a lot of valuable time and help to create that sense of balance you’re looking for. Plus, another bonus of logical mudroom layout ideas and entryway storage is that they will inevitably save you space in the rest of your home by creating more room for everyday and off-season items.

Maybe you currently only have one mudroom or entryway zone, but it doesn’t have enough space for your family. Or, your existing storage solutions and quick fixes like baskets, totes, and coat hangers aren’t cutting it. You could even be interested in adding a new, dedicated space to your home altogether. Either way, the experts at Inspired Closets can determine exactly what entry and exit storage solutions you need and where you need them to best improve your family’s day-to-day lives.

We know you’re busy, so our team takes on the task of kicking off your project, managing it, and seeing it to completion so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We create awe-inspiring spaces with smart solutions that will leave you wondering how you lived without them in the first place. So, how exactly do we go about transforming your space? Continue reading to learn all that goes into custom entryway and mudroom layouts, organization, and design.

Your entryway sets the tone for how you feel when you start your day, and it can also inform how you feel when you come back home at the end of a long day.

Inspired Closets

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A closet with man shoes aesthetically stacked.

Different Types of Mudrooms and Entryways

When you work with one of our design experts, they start by thinking through your family’s regular traffic patterns, and they even observe you in your natural environment to determine where you’ll benefit from entry and exit organization solutions. They ask questions like, who’s coming through this door, what are they carrying, and where are they going? This ensures that you have a custom solution in place at each point of entry so that no matter who’s coming or going from where, the space they’re in is calm and clearly well thought through.

Your designer will further discuss whether you want or need to add a new mudroom or entryway space into your home, or if you’re transforming existing spaces. Either way, they will determine how to move forward depending on how big your spaces are. If you’re transforming an existing porch into a mudroom, for example, or creating entryway storage in your garage, you’ll have different solutions than if you’re working with a small, undefined entryway area by the front door. The good news? Our designers have all the entryway and mudroom ideas to create beyond beneficial storage in any space, no matter the size, layout, or location.

Mudroom Layouts by Entrance Location

There are numerous possibilities for where your mudroom or entryway zone can be in your home. The location depends on your preference, where your family naturally gravitates to, and what makes the most overall sense for your home and everyone in it.

Front Entrance

Front entrances come in a wide range of sizes, and they each have a unique amount of space that can be used for storage. Smaller entryways are often a challenge and leave homeowners at a loss for how to utilize the space in a way that works for them. Our designers are the experts–they’ve seen it all, and they have endless smart solutions that seamlessly fit everything you need into whatever size space you’re working with.

An entrance at the front of the home is usually more grand than a side or back entrance. This is the first thing family and guests see when they enter your home, so it’s the perfect place to set the tone and make a first impression that accurately represents your space. Because it’s a high-traffic area with aesthetics in mind, there’s often a need for closed storage solutions, like drawers, closets, and cabinets, to keep things out of sight and out of the way.

Back/Side Entrance

The back or side entrance to a home is commonly a high-traffic area where kids drop off their stuff after school or the family enters with groceries, shopping bags, and more. Because of this, these spaces benefit from custom storage solutions like a counter space for unloading or packing bags, as well as mudroom cabinets, cubbies, and lockers for keeping everyone in the family organized.

If this type of entrance doesn’t already exist, they are often added to an existing space in the home or created by transforming a seasonal porch. They can sometimes be found off a laundry or utility room as well, which adds an additional layer of practicality for people coming inside with muddy shoes or equipment, or families who like to take their dogs on walks or to the park.

Garage Entrance

If you’re already regularly coming and going from the garage, creating a dedicated entryway or mudroom near the door can be the perfect solution. A garage mudroom plan is perfect for families who need to store stinky sports equipment, lots of outdoor gear, or those who have pets. The nice thing about a garage entrance is that there’s usually a lot of free space to work with, allowing you to implement whatever type of storage solutions and mudroom organization ideas you need.

Mudroom and entryway features

After you and your designer have determined which mudroom solutions are best for each entry point into your home, the next thing to think about is features. What already exists? What can be improved? What needs to be added? Like anything else, your designer will help you make these selections depending on how your family spends their time and what everyone needs.



Many homes already have an existing closet in the entryway or mudroom. While great for closed storage, closets aren’t often big enough to store everything families want to have easy access to in these spaces. Our experts easily solve this problem by seamlessly designing single-wall organizational features around the closet to expand the storage that already exists.

Cabinets, drawers, shoe storage, cubbies, and other organizational design features can also easily be added to any existing entryway or mudroom closet to better organize the space inside.

Entryway Station

Single-Wall Organization

Single-wall organization is a common entryway or mudroom storage solution that can be designed and totally customized to meet your exact needs. As the name implies, it usually runs along a single wall in your entry or mudroom area. If this organization style works best for your given space, your designer will determine if your family and space will benefit from features like:

  • Enclosed cabinets
  • Exposed cabinets
  • Lockers
  • Hook boards
  • Cubbies
  • Shoe Shrine®
  • Benches

You can select the design features that suit your storage needs and fit your lifestyle, or you can opt to mix and match a combination or all of the above. Whichever route you and your designer decide to take, the options for entryway and mudroom storage are endless, and we won’t stop until we create a solution that functions exactly how you need it to.

Entryway Closet

The Functional Foyer

Both beautiful and functional, our designers can create an organizational hub at your front entrance that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your home. You can keep track of dates on a hanging calendar and communicate grocery needs, to-dos, or last-minute schedule changes on a whiteboard, and have a space where all of the kids’ stuff is ready to go.

If the room exists and it feels more natural, some families opt to create this area near a back or side entrance to take advantage of additional wall and floor space. Sometimes the extra space is large enough to allow for a traditional mudroom layout. This is ideal for storing things that tend to get messy, like kids’ backpacks, outdoor gear, and school stuff, so they’re kept in a less visible area of the home.


Laundry/Utility Rooms

Because they’re commonly located in the back of the house, laundry and utility rooms often have an exit point and can serve as a mudroom as well. These multipurpose spaces are usually designed with:

  • Table and/or counter space
  • Pull-out hampers
  • A Sink
  • A Washer and dryer
  • Hanging space
  • Cleaning supply storage

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Making Your Entryway and Mudroom Storage Work for You

Most people need dedicated spaces in their mudrooms and entryways to store common, everyday items like coats, shoes, bags, hats, gloves, umbrellas, keys, sunglasses, and even a place to drop off mail. However, every home and every family is different, and you may need a more specific entryway or mudroom plan to fit your particular needs.

Your designer will go through all of this in your initial consultation to ensure that your entryway and mudroom layout and storage will serve you and your family. Below are the most common groups of people that our designers work with when designing for a specific set of organizational needs.

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Family Entryway

Parents and Families with Kids

Due to limited time and hectic schedules, speed and effortless organization is key for this group. If you’re a parent, you may need dedicated entryway and mudroom storage for:

  • + Jackets, hats, gloves, and other outdoor apparel
  • + Lots of shoes
  • + Backpacks
  • + Diaper Bags
  • + Strollers
  • + Toys
  • + Sports Equipment
  • + A message board and/or calendar
Animal Treats

Animal Lovers

Cleanliness and convenience are key for this group. If you have pets, some of the items you need easy access to your entryway or mudroom include:

  • + Leashes
  • + Treats
  • + Toys
  • + Doggy Bags
  • + Food
  • + Water and food bowls
  • + A wash station/grooming area
Entryway Garage

Outdoors Advocates and Gym Enthusiasts

Having a dedicated space to store everything is key for this group. If you’re someone who has a lot of outdoor or gym gear, you may need an entryway or mudroom layout that can accommodate:

  • + Hiking Boots
  • + Beach bags and towels
  • + Bike Helmets
  • + Gardening Gloves
  • + Gym Bag
  • + Tennis Shoes
  • + Water Bottles
  • + Seasonal clothing and shoes

Inspired Closets

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Entryway and Mudroom Design Ideas

After prioritizing functionality and ensuring that everything you want in your entryway will have a dedicated storage space, you’ll want to think about giving the space a personal touch. Whether you want to make a statement in the mudroom or you want the entryway to blend right in, your designer will help select final design details like bold pops of color and wallpaper, or colors and finishes that will flow right into the rest of your home. Your designer will also help you incorporate artwork, family photos, plants, and any other décor you want into the space.

If you’re not sure where to start or you don’t have any mudroom design ideas yourself, that’s exactly what our designers are here for. They have the expertise, the skills, and the eye to provide entryway and mudroom inspiration that will both elevate your space but also make it feel as though it’s an extension of the rest of your home.

Custom entry, exit, and mudroom storage solutions created specifically for you and your family will make your life less stressful, save real time in your day, and add an element of joy to coming and going from your home that wasn’t there before. You’ll be proud to welcome people inside knowing it’s a beautiful, accurate representation of your family and your space.

With so many possibilities, a project like this can feel overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be! Request a free, in-home consultation to work with one of our designers and have your project expertly managed from start to finish. No matter what space is available to work with, our designers will design a mudroom layout and entryway storage solutions that truly surpass all of your needs and add a sense of calm to your busy routine.

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