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Key Features

Cabinets With Doors

Store tall items in garage cabinets with hinged or sliding doors.

Shoe Storage

Eliminate piles of shoes with convenient and customizable shoe storage.

Slatwall and Accessories

Keep items easy to reach with hooks, baskets, and magnetic tool bars.

Garage Entryway Mobile

Our Promise

Custom Garage Cabinets & Storage in Flagstaff

Most Flagstaff residents don’t just need space in their garage for their bikes, they also need room for skis, stand-up paddle boards, camping gear, and golf clubs. And after all that, you still need room for your car. Even if you’re not an outdoor enthusiast, the garage is likely quick to collect clutter. Holiday decor, lawn care equipment, power tools — it all has a habit of piling up, causing stress when it’s time to find what you need. There’s a better way to increase the usable space in your garage, and it doesn’t involve knocking down any walls or expanding your home’s footprint.

The Inspired Closets Flagstaff team is extremely skilled at reimaging your garage space to maximize for organization and efficiency. We look at your garage with fresh eyes, seeing its full potential. Many of our clients come to us because they are frustrated with their garage’s lack of organization. It feels like no matter how many times they declutter and donate items, the garage remains overflowing with all sorts of storage items. It’s our job to design garage storage cabinets for Flagstaff residents that fit everything that’s inside your garage right now.

Garage Entryway Mobile

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Wall Cabinets and Slatwall

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Our designers are great listeners, and fabulous at what they do, too, so let's talk. Oh, the best part? Our in-home design consultations are free. Yep. FREE! Let's get started.

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Custom Garage Design

Custom Designs

In fact, we kick off the custom garage process by visiting your home to measure your garage and take inventory of the items inside of it. We also take the time to talk with you about your family’s routines and your current organization challenges with your space. Using insights from that consultation, we create design recommendations and discuss garage storage cabinet options for your Flagstaff area home with you. For example, we can add overhead shelving to hold boxes and bins for items that are not frequently used, as well as custom Slatwall with wall hooks to hold sports equipment, toys, or tools that need to be easy to see and access. Learn more about our popular custom garage features below.

Our cabinets, shelving, Slatwall, and work surfaces are made of high-quality, durable materials that stand up to daily use. We carry a wide selection of colors and hardware, ensuring you can find the perfect combination of custom-built garage cabinets for your Flagstaff area home. We want you to feel right at home the second you walk into your new custom garage design. The style and color palette should blend seamlessly into the rest of your home.

Trending Designs

A beautiful yet practical space for the hobbyist.

Ample storage and easy organization that can keep up with your family.

Nothing but motivation in this custom home gym.

Intentional storage to take you from season to season.

Play a game or sit back and relax in the best hangout spot in the house.

Door Configurations

So Many Reasons to Love Our Garage Cabinets.

Hinged Door
Hinged Doors
Extra Top Storage Space
Durable loft-top cabinet
Sliding Door
Sliding Doors
Extra Top Storage Space
Durable loft-top cabinet
Garage Stalls

Custom Garage Storage Cabinets

Our cabinets make the most of the space in your garage. They are tall and deep, allowing for maximum storage space, and we can add sliding doors so you don’t have to worry about doors swinging open and scratching or denting your cars. We also recommend the floating cabinet style, which makes it easy to sweep the floor and keep your garage clean and safe.

Your New Entryway

Most of us use the garage door to enter our home far more than we use the front door. So why not make it a beautiful, inviting place where everything is organized? We can add a bench so you or your kids can put shoes on before getting in the car, and we can also add shelves or hooks to hold everything from lacrosse sticks to winter jackets.

A Redesigned Garage for Any Size

One-car, two-car, or five-car — it doesn’t matter the size of your garage. Our professional team of designers and installers can transform any size garage. We know how to save on space while boosting usable square footage, and we do it in a clean, organized way that never looks cluttered.

Garage Stalls

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