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1. Consult

Together we will talk about:

  • How you use your closet
  • What you own
  • What works and what doesn’t in your closet
  • What look and feel most inspires you
<span>1.</span> Consult
<span>2.</span> Design

2. Design

Together we’ll create a design customized to your needs. We will:

  • Show you designs that connect back to your needs and wants
  • Provide recommendations on layout, color, and finishes
  • Share material and hardware samples
  • Create a 3D rendering of your custom closet

3. Prepare

We respect your to-do list.  Preparation takes time and can feel daunting. We get it, and we’re here to help. Ask us about:

  • Garment racks that make it easy to access your belongings during installation.
  • How we can help with the removal of your existing closet system and preparing your walls for installation

Let’s talk about what you need, and create a plan that works for you.

<span>3.</span> Prepare
<span>4.</span> Install

4. Install

Excitement builds on installation day. Our build team will:

  • Arrive on time and ready to transform your closet
  • Efficiently get the job done
  • Leave your home as clean as it was when they arrived

5. Love your closet!

You will absolutely love your new custom closet. Need we say more?

<span>5.</span> Love your closet!

Our Closet Design & Installation Process

Many of our clients assume that transforming their closet with a custom design would be a long, tedious process. So you can imagine that they’re always happy to learn that it’s actually simple. In four easy steps — consultation, design, preparation, installation — we turn disorganization into beautiful organization.

The initial consultation is perhaps the most critical step in the custom closet process. It’s a time dedicated to asking you questions about how you use your closet, what you store inside, and what organization challenges you face. This is also your time to share thoughts on what you love about your current design and what must go, as well as any design ideas you have yourself. We don’t expect you to know how you want your closet to look, but we welcome you to be as involved in the process as you want to be.

Based on what you tell us during the consultation, our designers will get to work making design recommendations consistent with your wants and needs. Our closet designers in Florida make informed decisions about everything from the height of your shelves to the colors and hardware in your custom closet design. Everything is customized to you, your space, and your budget. To get a better understanding of our past work or get inspired yourself, visit our Idea Gallery.

The final part of the design step is to create a 3D rendering so you can visualize precisely how your new closet design will look in your Pensacola home. If you want to make any design changes, let us know. We are known for being patient and understanding while working through the process with clients, as you can tell from the stories of past customers. Then, once you approve the design, our closet installation crew works with you to schedule the installation of your new custom closet. Closet installation in Pensacola homes typically takes only one to two days. After four simple steps, you’ll have a custom closet you will be enjoying for years.

Take the first step today by scheduling a consultation with one of our talented closet designers. You can give us a call or complete an online consultation request form to get started. Or, feel free to visit our showroom in Pensacola to meet our team and view examples of our designs.

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