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Nicki Testimonial Headshot

"We have plenty of room and even room to grow in what wasn’t that big to begin with. I love my Inspired Closet."


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“I love my Inspired Closet. Their four step process was easy and seamless. They got to know us and our needs, they took control of the entire experience and that was great for us.”


Testimonial Erik's Story

"When you hire somebody like Inspired Closets you just weigh in with what you like. Inspired Closets made the decision making process really easy.”


Testimonial Haidee's Story

During the design process, Inspired Closets helped me come up with the designs for the closet that we needed to help organize our life.


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Hear From Our Clients

For a custom closet to truly impact your life, it needs to be designed to your specific needs and lifestyle. That’s why we aim to give you a space that calms the chaos, reigns in the clutter, and gives you that “I love my closet” feeling. At Inspired Closets Raleigh, we use a simple, collaborative four-step process that helps us design a closet that truly meets your needs. Don’t just take our word that we can create the ideal closet design for you, check out what our clients have said about how our work has added to their lives.

The first step in our process of creating your inspired space is to start with a consultation. One of our designers will meet with you in your home to evaluate your existing space, learn about your current pain points, and discover how you want things to look and function moving forward. From here, our design team creates a 3D rendering of your closet using space-saving features like sliding trays, custom-built drawers, and even an integrated lighting system. Once you approve your design, we’ll install it in your home in a few days.

If you’re ready to turn your closet into an organized, inspired space, Inspired Closets Raleigh is here to help. We have decades of experience in closet transformation, but our work doesn’t stop there. Our team can turn any cluttered space, like garages, laundry rooms, pantries, and entryways, into organized, functional, inspired areas in your home.

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