“If there is one word to describe my Master Bedroom Inspired Closet design is “freedom”.  Through their closet solutions, I have been liberated from old-fashioned notion of storage, access and use.  I see my clothing and accessory choices in a whole new way.  While I have expanded my organization vernacular, I have noticeably trimmed the excess baggage from my wardrobe.  Because I know where everything is, can see everything and can access them season by season, getting dressed, whether it is for work, court appearance, a client interview, or evening at the opera or spin class, all that need is at my fingertips.  I’m able to make better choices about how I dress and how I want to look than I ever could with a traditional bar hanging closet.  Thank you Inspired Closets!


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"My Closet is the favorite room in mu house! When people come over I show them my closet first. I wish I could put my bed in there, who needs a kitchen?"

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"What can I say, from the minute I walked into your office I knew then it was a first rate operation."

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