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8 Tips That Make for Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining

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The holiday season is here and with it comes a to-do list a mile long, it seems. From events and holiday entertaining to online shopping and mall hopping, it’s easy to feel stress creep into what might otherwise be a calm, quiet month. When it comes to holiday party entertaining, the key to making it happen with a joyful heart is focus. Your time is limited so spend it prepping the spaces you expect the use to most.

Let’s look at 3 areas that see plenty of action during the holiday season and our holiday entertaining tips for each.


Tip One


Pantry Photo

During the winter holidays, the demands on food pantries spike, so think about cleaning out your pantry and donating anything that isn’t expired that you’re not going to use this season. Doing so will free up the space you need to stock up on holiday entertaining essentials.

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Tip Two

Stock Up

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Running out of anything is never a good feeling, so when making your list, check it twice and think about doubling items and ingredients you know you’ll be reaching for time and time again this holiday entertaining season. Your time is limited, and unplanned trips to the store take time away from executing your holiday entertaining plan. Be sure to make space for drinks in the main refrigerator or beverage refrigerator and ensure essentials are easily accessible. If your holiday entertaining ideas include activities like decorating gingerbread houses, separate out all the sprinkles, frosting, and coated candies you’ll need for a fun-filled night. Having it all together in one place will help ensure you have what you need.

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Tip Three


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Adding holiday cheer to hard working rooms like your pantry the sprinkles, frosting, and coated candies you’ll need for a fun-filled night. Having it all together in one place will help ensure you have what helps keep you in the holiday spirit while you’re working. And if you need. your pantry is open to the kitchen, simply extend your holiday kitchen décor into the pantry.

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Tip Four

Dedicated Space

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Few things can take over your kitchen island or dining room table like rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon. To contain the mess, create a dedicated wrapping or craft station where you can be messy without it being visible to your holiday party entertaining areas.

Tip Four Image

Tip Five

Take Inventory

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You know the sound of a new pair of scissors sheering through wrapping paper as holiday music plays in the background? We call that the sound of preparation. Knowing what you have and having what you need makes holiday entertaining and gift wrapping a joy. So, take stock of how much wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbon, and twine you have. Count the number of boxes and gift tags you have leftover from last year and compare it to what you need this year. The difference is your list.

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Tip Six

Plan Ahead

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Think about who is coming and what things they might need to make their stay restful and relaxing. If your guest room closet and bedside drawers are crammed full, consider cleaning them out to allow your guests to settle in comfortably.

Tip Six Image

Tip Seven

Offer a Comfy Bed

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If space is limited, consider a Murphy bed. Today’s Murphy beds feature queen size mattresses, built in nightstands, and overhead lighting, making them far more comfortable than an air mattress. And the best part? A Murphy bed quickly and easily folds up and into the cabinet giving you back your space once your guests are gone.

Tip Seven Image

Tip Eight

Make it Welcoming

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If your holiday entertaining also has you hosting house guests, consider adding a simple “Welcome” pillow to your guest bed. Think of it as another way of saying we’re glad you’re here.

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