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How To Organize Purses
in Your Closet

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They say purses are like friends… you can never have too many. From clutches and crossbodies to backpacks, bucket bags, and totes, nothing haunts us more than the purse we didn’t get, except maybe how to organize purses in our closet and the mess of purses crammed onto the shelf in our closet. While purses top the list of most useful accessories, purse storage and understanding how to organize purses in a closet seems to elude us. But like a tried-and-true best friend, our purse is there when we need it–that is, when we can find it. If organizing handbags in a closet has you frustrated, we can help.

Speaking of lost and found and lost again, if you’re like us, your purse is sitting somewhere along the path from the car to the closet and never in the same place twice. Most often found sitting on the kitchen counter, kitchen island, hanging from a chair, or sitting in the corner of a nearby couch, suddenly the purse you need and love becomes the frustration you don’t. With so much on your mind, your purse, like other accessories (ahem… keys, sunglasses), is easily set down in various spots and often found in different locations throughout the house. Without a dedicated spot, your purse storage becomes a point of frustration and always at the most inopportune time.

If you’re longing for a better way to organize handbags in your closet, it might be time to take the next step in your handbag organization game. Below are our tips for better handbag storage that will simplify your life.

First, find a home for your everyday purse

To keep track of your go-to, everyday purse, create a dedicated space in your home that’s easy to remember and easy to access. Here are some places to consider:

Home Office

Whether you have a dedicated home office or a desk that’s part of another room, your home office is a great, out-of-the-way place for purse storage, especially if your computer bag doubles as your everyday purse. Tucking it under your desk or hanging it from a nearby hook is a great way to stay organized.

Coat Closet

Coat closets aren’t just for coats: they’re a great option for closet handbag storage. A common feature in most homes, a coat closet is a convenient, easily accessible place to hang purses and store handbags

Family-ready Room

Family-ready Room

Found in many new homes, the family-ready room is, well, quite genius. Located between the garage and kitchen, these hard-working rooms often bring together the laundry room, entryway lockers, a second refrigerator, a pet washing station, and additional cabinets and countertop space for the items you need to set down on your way in, which includes your purse.

Pro Tip

Avoid hanging your purse on the backs of chairs or setting it on the kitchen counter or dining room table. While it can be easy to do after a long day, it adds clutter and chaos to your space.

Entryway/Drop Zone

Entryway/Drop Zone

Keep it simple by storing your purse in your entryway. Hang your purse from already established coat hooks or create a dedicated nook for purse storage within a cabinet for quick and easy access.

Pro Tip

If you change purses regularly, perhaps daily, create a dedicated space for unpacking and repacking. For easy access, we recommend switching purses near where you keep your unused purses.

Bedroom Closet

Bedroom Closet

One of the most convenient places to store handbags is in your bedroom closet – especially if your bedroom is on the main floor. By storing your handbag here, your bedroom closet can become a one-stop shop to get dressed and fully ready for the day.

Pro Tip

Creating a dedicated purse storage space is the first step, but consistency is how you achieve your long-term purse organization goals. No matter where you choose to store your purses and handbags at home, do your best to continue placing them there day after day and soon it will be part of your everyday routine.

Second, find the closet accessory organization method that’s right for you

Organization is very personal. What works for one may not work for another and organizing handbags in a closet is no different. Regardless of the number of purses and handbags you own, finding a purse storage method that works best for you is the key to consistency and it starts by thinking about how you think.


By Type

The type of purses you own likely range from small, sophisticated clutches to big, all-purpose tote bags. If you often find yourself searching for “that one crossbody” or “that favorite saddle bag”, you’re likely someone who thinks about the type of purse you need first, which means organizing by type could be your best purse organization method.


By Color

Purse organization by color is another popular method. If color coordinating your purse with your outfit is important to you and color is what you think of first when choosing a purse from your closet, consider organizing your handbags in this way.


By Activity

If you tend to think about where you’re going and what you might need in that environment, then organizing your purses by activity or event will work best. Some of the more common activities are:

Formal EventsTypically, the smallest size purses are the ones that are easily lost or misplaced so keeping envelope-style clutches and barrel or frame bags together makes them easy to see.
Concert/Stadium EventsMany concerts and stadiums require either a clear bag or a smaller purse, so keeping them together for easy access makes getting ready easier.
Kid ActivitiesBehind every successful playdate, soccer game, and birthday party, is a bag that carried it all. Keep your larger totes together to make sure you can easily find the one you need when you need it.
Work BagsFor added organization prior to work trips or everyday commuting, keep your computer bags, messenger bags and more formal totes in one space.
Weekend TripsMake packing less of a hassle by storing all your larger, weekend duffle bags in one place. To save on space, store your smaller, carry-on bags within your larger luggage.

By Style

If things like shape and stitching or strap detail matter most to you when choosing which purse to use, then consider organizing purses in your closet by style. For example, keep all your crescent shaped purses together and all your purses with quilted styling or chain straps together.


By Size

If you think about size first, then purse organization from largest to smallest makes it easy to find the size that fits the need.


By Season

Changing purses seasonally is quite common especially when transitioning from spring/summer to fall/winter. This is especially true for everyday purses or the ones you use most. To make it easy, organize by season. Bonus: doing so may keep you from buying a purse you may not need.

Third, take a multipronged approach to organizing purses in a closet

If you have the space to create a purse storage area in your closet, we recommend a multipronged approach that accommodates the range of purses and handbags you own from the everyday purse to the designer handbag.

Hanging from a Purse Hook

Hanging from a Purse Hook

Ideal for the purse your currently using, we recommend hanging purses on purse hooks located close to the closet door for ease and convenience when storing your handbags in a closet.

Sitting on a Purse Perch

Sitting on a Purse Perch

Ideal for keeping a smaller number of purses organized, upright, and separated from each other.

Lined on an Adjustable Shelves

Lined on an Adjustable Shelves

Having multiple shelves is ideal for organizing a larger number of purses and creates an intentional destination within your closet making it less likely that you’ll set your purses in different spots around the house.

In Glass-front Cabinets

In Glass-front Cabinets

Glass-front cabinets are an ideal way to store designer purses or heirloom purses you want to protect from everyday wear and tear creating both a beautiful display and helpful purse organization.


Helpful Handbag Storage Tips

Now that you’ve found your perfect handbag organization area and method, keep these helpful storage tips in mind to maintain cleanliness and keep your handbags in pristine condition:



Stay away from large bins, totes or baskets to store your purses. By tossing your bags into one tote, you’re not only creating unnecessary organizational chaos, but potentially damaging the fabric and material of your purses and handbags.



Always wipe down the outside and inside of your bag before storage. Be sure to research the manufacturer’s care instructions before you clean your handbag to ensure you won’t damage the material.



To help maintain your handbag’s natural shape, use soft cloths, old scarves or even clean paper towels to stuff your bag. However, be careful to not overstuff the bag to not add stress on the bag’s stitching and materials.



Tuck in any heavy accessories, chains or straps into the bag to ensure they don’t leave marks on your handbag while in storage.



If you have it, be sure to store your bag in its dust bag to protect it from discoloration and debris. For your most sensitive, precious purses, store them in a box to protect them further.



Heat and humidity can warp and deteriorate the materials in your handbag. Be sure to store purses in a cool, dry, dark area like a closet to help retain your bag’s natural look and shape.

*According to the experts at, follow these steps when storing your handbags.

Now you know how to organize your purses

Purse organization can be challenging, but with the help of the experts at Inspired Closets, it doesn’t have to be. Backed by years of experience, we can help you create the right purse organization solution for the space you have and the handbags you own. Give us a call or complete this form to get started.

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