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How to organize a small closet by Inspired Closets
Inspired Closets Adjustable Shoe Organizer is designed to fit needs for all your shoes

Custom Shoe Storage and Organization for Your Custom Closet

Shoes present an organizational challenge, no matter how big or small your home is. Most shoe racks, shelves, and closet shoe organizers take a one-size-fits-all approach, leading to disorganization and frustration. So we work with clients to relieve that frustration by creating custom closet shoe storage to keep each pair organized.

Read on to learn more about our customized shoe racks and shelves and how they can help you keep your closets more organized and functional.

How to Organize Shoes in a Closet

If you are looking for general ways to organize shoes in a closet, you have various options. Some shoe organization ideas include:

  • Overdoor shoe racks or plastic dividers
  • Shoe cubbies
  • Clear, stackable shoe boxes
  • Shoe hooks
  • Storage ottomans
  • Shoe cabinets
  • Shoe slots
  • Shoe storage flip drawers

Once you have some way to store your shoes, now you need to organize them. We recommend grouping shoes by type, making it easier to find the right pair to match an outfit. From there, you can organize your shoes by color, season, heel height, and more. If you’re wondering how to organize shoes the “right” way, there is no perfect shoe closet idea or organization option. The best shoe organization system is the one that keeps your shoes together and accessible when you need them.

Custom Shoe Closet Ideas & Storage Solutions

Creating effective custom closet shoe storage is a three-step process. First, we need to know how many pairs of shoes you own and how many pairs you might want to make room for in the future. When we come to your home, we will count every pair present and make sure to ask you about shoes you store elsewhere that you want to move to your custom closet shoe storage.

Next, we create a dedicated space for your custom closet shoe rack or shoe shelves within your custom closet to help you maintain shoe organization. To determine how much custom shoe storage space is needed, your designer will calculate the total number of pairs to determine precisely how much space is needed for your customized shoe racks. You can learn more about how to design a custom closet here.

Finally, because seasons and life are full of change, you need to make sure that you have adjustable shoe shelves to easily accommodate changes in your shoe preferences and seasons. At Inspired Closets, all of our closet features and custom closet shoe storage systems are adjustable, giving you the functionality you need in any solution you choose.



Inspired Closets

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Proper shoe storage save time

Innovative, Adjustable Shoe Shelves for Custom Closets

Designed to keep shoe organization simple, the Inspired Closets Shoe Shrine® takes custom closet shoe storage ideas to an entirely new level. Shoes come in all shapes and sizes, which means that if you use standard shoe racks, shoe shelves, and closet shoe organizers, you may encounter shoes that are too tall for the fixed space between each shelf. Likewise, you may have a thin pair of shoes, like flip-flops or flats, stored on a shelf that is clearly tall enough for more than one pair.

The Inspired Closets Shoe Shrine® solves that problem by maximizing the use of your space in the process. Its unique design creates dedicated, fully adjustable shoe shelves for every pair—flats can be stored on shelves positioned close together while boots can sit on shelves positioned farther apart. The Shoe Shrine® includes slim, adjustable shoe shelves that enable you to move each shelf to fit the height of each pair of shoes. From flip-flops to boots, each pair of shoes uses only the amount of space needed to store each pair. These exclusive custom closet shoe shelves come in a wide array of finishes and colors, letting you customize your adjustable shoe organizer with just the right amount of style. Learn more about the Inspired Closets Shoe Shrine® here.

Inspired Closets

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Inspired Closets

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Shoeshrineshoestorageinmen'swalk incloset

Inspired Closets

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Shoe shrine storage with glass shelves from Inspired Closets

Types of Shoe Shelves

Depending on the shoes you own, your Inspired Closets designer may recommend other shoe closet ideas to best meet your needs.

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Traditional Shelf ASID Award-Winning Product

The first type of shoe shelf is a traditional shelf that looks and functions like any other shelf in your closet. These shoe shelves are typically 18 to 24” wide but can be custom manufactured to nearly any width.

Slanted shoe shelf for women's shoes

Designed to store your shoes on an angle, it includes an accessory on the front called a shoe fence that keeps your shoes from sliding forward. Many clients like how slanted shoe shelves display their shoes while not in use.

Shoe Shrine glass shelving for women's shoes
SHOE SHRINE ® ASID Award-Winning Product

These adjustable shoe shelves can handle any pair in any size. Thanks to slims shelves, you can add or remove a shelf at any time to change the configuration to match the height of each pair, making this custom closet shoe storage solution flexible and organized all in one.

For both #2 and #3, the number of shoes on each shelf varies depending on the width of the section. As a general rule, we plan for 3 pairs of shoes per shelf and then customize the width and the design based on your shoe storage needs.

How Do I Know My Shoes Will Stay Organized in My Custom Shoe Storage?

Getting and staying organized is easier when the shoe organization solution is custom-designed for your unique needs and the number and style of shoes you own. That’s why all of our custom closet shoe storage ideas begin with adjustability. We know that the number of pairs and types of shoes you own will change over time, and we want your custom closet shoe shelves to be able to do the same, so we work together to create a space that solves the problems that basic closet solutions cant.

We’ll take the time to get to know you, understand your wants and needs and your interior design style, and use that information as we work through your custom closet shoe storage design. We’ll make recommendations for the product color and style and consider the best features to support the way you live. Then, we’ll review your design in our proprietary software, offering a 3D rendering that gives you a clear understanding of exactly what your custom closet shoe shelves will look like once installed.


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