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Features Our Customers Love

If ever there was a space that begs to be transformed, the laundry room is it. Whether the corner of a basement or a kitchen, an actual room or inside a closet, the space that holds your washer and dryer functions best when it’s well organized. Inspired Closets designers create custom solutions that make the never-ending chore of doing laundry more tolerable. Now if only we had an elf to help you put all those clothes away.

Ironing Board

Ironing becomes a lot easier when your set-up includes a pull-out ironing board set into your cabinet. Add one to your laundry room design to simplify your life.


Sort whites, colors, and darks before putting clothes into the laundry room with built-in hampers. Or, just use the hampers to keep dirty laundry off the floor. And the best part? This hamper can disguise as a laundry room cabinet, so you don’t have to endure the sight of piles of dirty laundry every time you walk past the laundry room.

Hanging Rod

For clothes that need to dry on a hanger, a hanging rod is a must. You can also use it to place clothes fresh out of the dryer.

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Our team has years of experience designing custom laundry room cabinets for Salt Lake area residents. Over the years, we’ve learned all the tricks to efficiently use space in laundry rooms. We know the impact built-in hampers or cubbies for laundry baskets have on the laundry room’s organization, and we know how helpful folding counters can be. But since every family has different needs, we don’t make design recommendations until after the initial consultation. We want to understand how you use your laundry room and how you envision its design. Using our insights from the consultation, we design a space that supports your lifestyle and daily routines. We also select colors and hardware for the custom laundry room cabinets that match your Salt Lake area home.

Our team also takes care of turning the custom design into a reality. Our installation team removes your existing laundry room structure and installs your new one. We can usually install your new laundry room cabinets in a few hours. Transforming your laundry room into an organized, inspired space only takes four simple steps. Start the process today by calling and scheduling your free consultation.

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