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How to Organize a Small Closet
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9 Ways to organize your small space

Getting and staying organized at home can be a challenge, and it’s even more of an issue when your closets are small. That’s why we asked professional organizer and Inspired Closets Vermont co-owner Elizabeth Warren to share her favorite small closet organization ideas. Here are her tips for how to make the most out of the space you have to create an organized closet you’ll love.

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Take Inventory of What You Own ASID Award-Winning Product

When is the last time you cleaned out your reach-in closet? And by cleaned out we mean removed every single item, cleaned the actual closet itself, and then sorted through all of your belongings to make sure you only keep the items you love and wear? Warren states that editing the closet can be the first best step to using the space most efficiently.

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Group Similar Items Together ASID Award-Winning Product

The next step to organizing your small closet is to group similar things together. So when you clean out your space, place tems such as shoes, pants, shirts, etc. in the same spot. That way you can see what you have before you put it all back. And there’s a good chance you’ll be surprised at how much you find that you rarely wear.

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Keep, Donate, or Discard ASID Award-Winning Product

Once you have related items together, go through each item in each group to decide if you want to keep it, donate it, or discard it. Remember that keeping duplicates of the same item takes up valuable space so make sure you only keep what you need. If you are considering a new small closet design, this is a key step in getting ready for installation day.

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Organize Items by Category ASID Award-Winning Product

Once you’ve cleaned out your reach-in closet and edited out the items you no longer wear or need, it’s time to organize them by category. Warren says that the most valuable space in your closet is the shelving and hanging that is at or near your eye’s level. That’s because you are most likely to see it first. So you’ll want to be certain to store the items that you need most in this general location.

Organize your sweaters by colors with the help or Inspired Closets
Organize Items by Color ASID Award-Winning Product

Take it one step further and organize each section of your reach-in closet by color. That way it will be just as easy to find the items you need as you get dressed each day as it will be to put them away.

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Maximize Found Space ASID Award-Winning Product

When working to help her clients get organized, Warren finds that even in small reach-in closets, they have a hard time finding their things because they just can’t see them. Two common problem areas are the top shelf and floor in your closet. Out of the way yet convenient, they offer the perfect solution for items you don’t use as often but would like to have on hand.

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Use Bins and Labels ASID Award-Winning Product

Keep things organized in your new found space by containing them in bins with labels. Warren recommends labeling bins so you can see what’s inside at a glance and use the label for category details such as “Shoes” or “Sweaters”

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Store Seasonal Items ASID Award-Winning Product

Keep your small closet clutter free by storing seasonal items out of the way. The top shelf and floor of your closet are perfect locations to rotate items all year long.

Modern Lighting for Walk In Closet
Add Custom Lighting ASID Award-Winning Product

The final step in organizing your small closet is to evaluate your lighting. Small reach-in closets can have very little if any lighting. Lighting can be added overhead and down low near the floor to iliminuate those hard to see and hard to reach areas. Lighting can also be incorporated within each section of your custom closet. Work with your custom closet designer to incorporate the right solution for you.

How do I know my small closet will stay organized?

When you work with Inspired Closets, we’ll design a custom closet built around you and the things you love. You’ll quickly discover that our four-step process takes you through each area that we’ve outlined above. During your initial consultation, we’ll take inventory of your belongings so that your design has all the right small closet storage ideas to help you get and stay organized. When we work together on your small closet design, we’ll recommend features like custom lighting so that you’ll never have to dig in the dark for your favorite shoes again. To help you prepare for installation day, we’ll offer boxes and garment racks, making it easy to sort and organize your items so that you keep only the things you love most. And then when its time put your clothes into your new custom closet, everything will be organized right from the start. To learn more about Elizabeth Warren and her work helping families like yours live organized every day, visit

Making the most of your small closet space is what we do. Let’s work together to make it work for you!

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Organization Helps Control Clutter

About Elizabeth Warren, Professional Organizer and Inspired Closets Vermont co-owner.

Elizabeth’s mission is simple; to help people. Whether she is organizing, styling, staging a home, or designing a closet, she takes great care to connect in a meaningful way with her clients. She wants to make the project of clearing out a space easy and fun. She works to take the stress out of the often stressful process of preparing a home for renovation or sale. She strives to help restyle rooms and closets so you fall in love with your home again. Elizabeth appreciates the opportunity to do work and is truly passionate about and grateful to her clients who trust her in their homes every day.

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Inspired Closets Vermont Owner & Designer Elizabeth Warren
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