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Essentia Baby Closet Organization Ideas Inspired Closets Learning Center

Essential Baby Closet Organization Ideas

Closet Organization Ideas for Babies to Teenagers

From first-time parents to families that are adding to their brood, welcoming a baby is an exciting time filled with anticipation and preparation. If you’re like most expectant parents, you’re feeling eager to make plans for this new stage in your life, including cleaning and organizing your home and decorating and preparing the baby’s new room. If this is you, we invite you to join us as we explore a part of the nursery not often discussed but so often used: the nursery closet.

As you prepare for the baby’s arrival, you’ll discover countless checklists to guide your choices. From what to pack in your hospital bag to how to pick a name, if you need advice, there’s a checklist out there that has an answer. However, there’s an important question you may not be considering: How will you maximize and get the most out of your space for years to come? While it might seem obvious, custom nursery closet organization is often overlooked. Yet, it’s one of the most practical ways to prepare for and support you and your baby throughout every stage of life.

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Why You Need Nursery Closet Organization

Many of the things you purchase for your infant won’t last beyond the first few years. Between how fast they grow and how much of what they need is consumable, it’s a whirlwind of ongoing supplies. However, nursery closet organization for your baby is an investment that will last. Name one thing (besides your child’s 529 college savings account) that will deliver value consistently from the day you welcome the baby home from the hospital to the day you drop them off at college. Hard to answer, right? Clearly, investing in closet storage and organization solutions that support you and your child over the next 18+ years just makes good sense.

Nursery closet storage that can handle baby supplies now and teenage fashion later is an investment that delivers value and that you’ll use for years to come. And customizing a space that can change as your child grows and their needs evolve will make everything easier as you navigate each busy day. That’s why we encourage our clients to make sure they don’t overlook baby closet storage and instead set themselves up for an organized and calm nursery by finishing their baby closet well in advance of that all-important due date. Check out our list of everything you need to know about nursery closet organization design.


Make a Nursery Closet Work for You Now

Babies come with a plethora of stuff. From quickly outgrown onesies to a stockpile of diapers, wipes, and nursing essentials, the list goes on and on. These supplies tend to pile up quickly and can add unwanted stress and pressure to your home. Nursery closet organization where everything is visible and easily accessible can help you identify what’s readily available and what you’re running low on, such as diapers and wipes.

Taking inventory and adding items to your physical or digital shopping list can happen with a quick glance instead of making a mental note to check elsewhere, only to forget a few minutes later. This baby closet organization can also be your home base for supplies that end up in additional baby stations around the house. Stocked and ready for a quick change in any room, you’ll thank yourself for having a nursery storage and organization system that

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Open shelving for quick to grab items Inspired Closets

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Built inshoeorganizationforkidsclosesInspiredClosets

Inspired Closets

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Spaceforpre plannedoutfitsforkidsstorageInspiredClosets

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Organize with markers for kids ages from Inspired Closets

Take your organized game to the next level by grouping items with a system that works best for you. For example, organizing by size, color, or age markers can help you quickly find what you are looking for. Make your baby closet storage design work harder for you because it is just as much for you during your child’s early years. Remember that this space needs to operate both functionally and visually since the nursery doors will likely stay open during your child’s younger years. And, when you choose a clean and crisp white finish for your nursery closet storage solution, it will complement your child’s room each time you change the decor. As a reflection of your personal style, you can add that special touch by utilizing accent fixtures, hardware, or decor that matches the rest of the space.

Baby Closet Design Ideas

Our design consultants are experts, which means this isn’t their first infant closet, and they will work with you to help create a space that you can envision yourself loving for years to come. Since customization looks different in every home and for every family, we will help you identify what elements will work best for your baby closet storage.

Then, we’ll recommend a personalized combination of closet components to build the perfect baby closet storage and ensure that your little one is welcomed into a calm and organized world. The secret to knowing what components you need is identifying what goes where.

1. Designate open shelving for quick-grab items (diapers, wipes, sheets, and lotions), and later on, you can use this for books, toys, and other items that your child may love.

2. Opt for shelving and baskets to store extras of the high-volume items that come in the weekly Amazon order like diapers, wipes, lotions, creams, etc.

3. Use upper shelving to store things in organized bins that aren’t in use right away but that you know you’re going to need soon, such as gifted clothes that don’t quite fit yet.

4. Make use of closed drawers for clothing you prefer to fold, such as sleepers, onesies, and blankets.

5. You might also talk through essentials, like a hamper or area for donations to place outgrown clothes.

By incorporating a nursery closet storage at the very beginning of your child’s life, you can instill early habits of organization, with everything having a place, and continue this process throughout your child’s life.


Make Nursery Closet Organization Work for Them

As your child grows, the nursery closet organization can be updated to maximize storage at each stage. For toddlers, this means clothes they may want to start choosing themselves and ample space for their favorite toys. The foundation of the closet gives items a home to always return to, helping your children learn how to easily find and put away their belongings all on their own. They will quickly start choosing their own outfits, toys to store, and favorite pieces. And the best part is knowing that you can easily move shelves and hanging rods to accommodate their changing needs.

For the teen years, shelves can be removed to create a personalized hutch, perfect for hanging fairy lights, letter boards, and favorite jewelry. Cubbies can become bookshelves or display areas for trophies and favorite nick-knacks. All of these are great examples starting with a strong baby closet design idea and evolving into the perfect solution at just the right time.

Nursery Closet Organization Ideas For Toddlers

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Allow kids to choose Their Own Outfits by Inspired Closets


Their Own Outfits

Inspired Closets

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Create spaces for them to put items away in their closet

Putting Away

Their Belongings

Inspired Closets

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Create storage for their favorite toys in their closet


For Favorite Toys

 Nursery Closet Organization Ideas for Teens

Inspired Closets

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Adjust Shelves and Hanging Rods for kids closets


Shelves and Hanging Rods

Inspired Closets

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DisplayFavoriteNick knacksforkidsclosetfromInspiredClosets


Favorite Nick-knacks

Inspired Closets

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Create a Personalized Hutch for teen storage from Inspired Closets


A Personalized Hutch


Easy Tips to Create Baby Closet Organization

Through each stage of your child’s life, clothing or accessories can be organized in various ways. Here are just a few examples you might want to try:

Organizing Your Child’s Closet

Organizing Your Child's Closet - Infant

Infant Closet Organization Ideas

  • Store onesies folded on a shelf, in a drawer, or rolled up in a basket.
  • Use hanging space for your cutest baby clothes in your baby’s current size while storing out-of-season or larger sizes in out the way baskets up top.
  • Tiny shoes need storage that keeps pairs together, so try a basket that helps you keep them in one easy place.

Child Closet Organization Ideas

  • Keep the peace over mismatched socks and simply toss every clean sock in a basket without matching them up.
  • Store sock baskets with shoes, so it’s easy for your child to find and choose both.
  • Make room for that growing collection of bows by including a pull-out rack that they can easily reach.
Organizing Your Child's Closet - Child
Organizing Your Child's Closet - Teen

Adolescent/Teen Closet Organization Ideas

  • Avoid “Mom, I don’t have anything to wear!” meltdowns by hanging skirts and shirts together.
  • Stock the top shelf with an overnight bag and baskets with packing supplies for those weekend sleepovers that become routine.
  • Hang jeans and leggings, freeing up drawer and shelf space for sweatshirts and personal items.

No matter what stage you are in, don’t hesitate to try one nursery closet organization idea for a while and then try another to see which works best for you. And, when it’s time to redecorate their room, include your child in the process of reconfiguring their closet. When they take an active role in deciding how they want to organize their belongings, it lays a natural foundation of structure for years to come.

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OrganizingYourNurseryClosets Infographic

Nursery Closet Organization Needs to Grow With You

Prioritizing solutions that last, like your nursery closet storage, can make a world of difference in your family’s routine. From infancy to young adulthood, efficient and flexible baby closet organization will help you calm the chaos in your busy home. In the early days of parenthood, focusing on that ever-growing list of necessities can easily overshadow the need for an organized system to keep track of it all.

Invest in a nursery closet storage system that will work at every stage of your child’s life. Start by consulting a closet expert who can help you set up and identify structure elements for years to come. Complete this form and we’ll reach out to get started.

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