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Top Home Office Interior Design Trends
Charcoal home office with chair and desk from Inspired Closets

Top Home Office Interior Design Trends

Working from home is here to stay and with it, the need to make your home office as on-trend and organized as the rest of your home. Arguably one of the most important spaces in your home, check out our favorite home office interior design ideas for you to consider as you create a dedicated workspace just for you.

How to Create a Home Office

Knowing how to create a custom home office starts with finding the best location that will naturally encourage you to be productive, focused, and ideally distraction-free. When you have a home office, you’ll find it’s easier to set boundaries between work and home, to limit distractions for creative time or necessary team calls, and keep workflow and paperwork organized.

The challenge comes in knowing just where to look. The great news is that space is easier to find than you might think. Consider converting rarely used spaces such as a guest room or formal dining or living room. Reimagining how and when you use these spaces is an exciting opportunity to update your home.

If the best space available is a shared space such as a bonus or family room, then work with your family to create the necessary boundaries that help everyone know when it’s time to work or play.

Home Office Interior Design Tips


Dedicated Home Office Desk

One of our favorite home office interior design ideas includes your desk. Often the signature piece in the room, your desk plays a central role in defining your décor. Before narrowing in on the style, be certain to look for one that offers ample space to stay organized.

This will offer you more than enough room for both your laptop and any necessary items you need while you work. Also, choose a desk with a natural finish. Mixing wood tones with dark hues will place a natural focus on your desk area, letting the rest of the room support that style.

Inspired Closets

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Dedicated home office desk, Inspired Closets Learning Center

Upholstered Seating

When you are thinking about home office interior design ideas, one item that deserves thoughtful consideration is your desk chair. Why? Because you’ll probably spend more hours sitting in it than you might any other spot in your home. It needs to be as stylish and comfortable as possible while reflecting the décor trends you love and have used in the rest of your home. One of the easiest ways to bridge this gap is to choose an upholstered desk chair. It introduces a natural layer of décor to the hard edges of your desk and shelves and can be a personal touch that brings the entire room together.

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Upholstered seating for home office space, Inspired Closets

Stylish Storage

Speaking of files, the best home office interior design for you is the one that is intuitive to how you work. So, when it comes to files, think about what you’d like to keep and how you’d like to store it. Maybe your work is entirely digital, but you have the occasional need to print something out.

A customized printer drawer makes it possible to have your printer there when you need it, put it away when you don’t.

Also, there’s a good chance your home office doubles as the place where you manage your family life too. That means you need space for personal papers, kid’s records, financial files, and more. Deep drawers with file folder inserts have you covered. And for everything else, open shelves offer the perfect balance of giving you stylish storage with a mix of home décor.

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Stylish Storage Filing Drawer

Inspired Closets

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Stylish Storage Printer Drawer

Natural Light

So often overlooked, lighting plays a key role in your home office interior design. It can cast a warm or cool glow to your space, creating just the right ambience to help you stay focused and get the job done. From making it possible to see what you are doing to helping you look your best on a zoom call, lighting is easy to adjust to help you do and look your best.

First, make the most of any natural light that your new home office can offer. It will help you feel refreshed and inspired as you work through your day. Next, arrange your desk in a way that lets you enjoy the view from your window while keeping the glare off your computer screen.

Make sure to include a stylish table lamp on your desk so that you get all the benefit of the room’s décor right where you need it most. Finally, consider library lights on shelves or wall sconces for that finishing touch. Not only are they beautiful they are entirely functional too.

Inspired Closets

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Natural light for home office

Plants and Light Ceramics

Bring the outside in by using plants as an intentional element of your home office interior design. An easy way to provide clarity and calm, plants naturally freshen the air and help you feel an overall sense of well-being. And when you work them into your home office décor, you’ll find they not only improve how you feel, but you’ll also enjoy seeing them in your daily view. So, think about how you can use plants in light-toned ceramics to give that finishing touch to your bookshelf or desk, right where you can enjoy them most.

Inspired Closets

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Plants and Light Ceramics for home office decore

Dark Hues and Brass Accents

Color plays a key role in home office interior design, making your new space a natural addition to the rest of your home. Choose a light color for your walls to set the tone for a calm and relaxed work environment. Next, consider dark hues like Charcoal or Navy for your cabinets, shelves, and drawers.

This will give you the pop of on-trend color you love without dominating the room or making you feel closed in. Finish your design with brass hardware that has clean and simple lines, giving you just a touch of luxury as you reach for your files.

Inspired Closets

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Your Favorite Colors brass and dark hues

Personal Touch

They say nothing makes a house a home until the people who live there make it their own. The same is true for your home office. So, choose home office interior design trends that make your home office feel like it’s always been there. And then decorate your home office with the things you love most.

A mix of favorite books, cherished photos, and fun décor are the finishing touch that can bring your space together. And when you surround yourself with items that inspire and encourage you, you can’t help but see that positive influence in the quality of your work.

Inspired Closets

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Personal Touches for a home office

Your Favorite Colors

Choosing colors for your new home office is the finishing touch that brings it all together. An oasis from the rest of your home, you have the chance to decorate in a way that both compliments the interior design in other spaces while reflecting the fresh and favorite trends that fill your Pinterest board. The key is choosing colors that make you smile every time you walk into the room.

Not only is this true for the walls in your home office, but it’s also true for your desk, chair, and storage too. At Inspired Closets, we work with you to feel confident about the colors you choose. The finishing touch on any space, the right color can help you feel calm and focused throughout your busy workday.

Inspired Closets

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Dark Hues and Brass Accents for Home Office Design

Juggling working from home while managing your family can be a stressful process. When you work with Inspired Closets, we work with you every step of the way to take care of it all. And we’ll work together to turn your stressful, disorganized space into a home office that makes you feel calm and relaxed.

From our initial visit during your free consultation to working together to create your design, we listen to your wants and needs, making sure to solve your organizational challenges. And when it comes time for installation day, we help you prepare and navigate the process so that you and your family can maintain your busy schedule without missing a beat.

Helping you transform your home with custom solutions that help you get and stay organized is what Inspired Closets is all about. We can’t wait to work with you to make your home office the beautiful and productive space you’ve always wanted it to be!

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